Tall Poppy Interview - Buck 65, Musician
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Tall Poppy Interview – Buck 65, Musician

buck_65.gifWhen Buck 65 (nee Rich Terfly, aka Stinkin’ Rich) started his radio show over 10 years ago in Halifax, Ben Mulroney hadn’t even been considered for the position of E-Talk Daily host. When Buck released his eighth studio album, Secret House Against The World (June 28), the young Mulroney was busy prepping for CTV’s massive Live 8 coverage. And while Buck 65 continues to growl his way into the public consciousness, Mulroney sits atop CTV’s ever-expanding entertainment empire. Are these parallel careers finally coming to a crossroads? Hardly. But we had to try.
(Buck 65 arrives late, only to be swiped away by E-Talk Daily too soon)
Sorry to keep you waiting…Hey I like your hat (referring to an Expos baseball cap).
We have to be relatively quick, so we’ll try to make this as muscular as we can.
Okay. How’s Paris?
It’s good. People are sad about not getting the Olympics. And the weather’s been good. The year before last was too hot and sunny and people died. Last summer was rainy and crappy. And then this summer is a good nice summer. The vibes have been quite pleasant.

In Paris, is that where you met-
Claire (Berest; girlfriend, collaborator)?
Yeah…and Feist?
Feist actually came to my house once and ate a meal with my girlfriend when I was out of town. That was in Paris. We met in Texas for the first time.
So that’s where you and Feist developed the dance moves for the “One Evening” video?
buckfeist.gifNot really. We were just friends for a long time. We would go out, and not even talk about music…We’d talk about all kinds of other stuff. You know? Just real friends.
Then at one point, we played a festival together in France. She watched my show, and commented afterwards that she really liked my…uh…dance moves. So later, when she was doing a video for “One Evening,” she had this dance concept, and wanted a partner, and had me in mind. Actually, I was the first person she called. And she really wanted me to say yes, and I said yes. And we had known each other for a while at this point, so we spent about a week working out a little choreography. Then we came over to Toronto to shoot the video…
Would you dance like that in a club?
Uh…I don’t really go out, to be honest with you. I’ve actually been on a dance floor and danced, I bet you, only one or two times in my life. I dance a lot, but it’s always on stage. And that’s it. That’s where I’ve staked my reputation as a dancer.
Would you ever move to Toronto?
I’ve thought about it. If I ever come back to Canada, I bet you it would be Toronto. This city grows on me every time I come.
We have a very small French community though. You’d probably lose your French.
And that would be a shame! That would be a shame. That’s a way I’d like to see myself grow.
Speaking of growing, with each album you’re growing. And it’s funny to think about the evolving styles of the albums; you did a more urban style of music when you were in the country and more country style now that you’ve moved to the city. Is that something you consciously decided to do?
In most cases, no. The only conscious level of thought I ever give my records is after they’re done. Then I try to make sense of them. It’s important to me to just let things happen as naturally as they can. And it is a little bit weird; I’ll be the first one to admit.
I’ll tell you though, what all my experiences have in common is that they make me homesick. It’s only been about four years since I left Nova Scotia for the first time. And now that I’ve lived in a bunch of places, I find myself longing for it – the simple country life all over again. That’s – ironically – the biggest influence that Paris has had.
What’s next for Buck 65?
Well…If you look at M.I.A., she’s making records they’re playing in clubs, and people are dancing to it. But her message doesn’t get lost. In a funny way the Contortions used to do that. That’s an interesting idea. But I’ve also been thinking about horns.
ben.jpgAnd what’s next today for Buck 65?
Well, I have this E-Talk Daily thing next…
With Ben Mulroney?
Ben Mulroney?
I suppose that’s possible. He’s on TV?
You know who that is, right?
I’m a little out of touch with TV. Of course I know he’s the former Prime Ministers son.
He’s a bit of a stud, too. Or so they say.
Oh really? Is that what they say?
Buck 65 played Mod Club last night. His new album, Secret House Against the World, is available everywhere CDs are sold.