New Label, Album for The Tangiers


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New Label, Album for The Tangiers

tangiers.jpgEither the Tangiers all own a copy of Flowers of Evil, or they’re fans of And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead…or they like the idea of a new Toronto label. Whatever was behind the decision, they’ve announced their new album, The Family Myth, will be release on Baudelaire, soon-to-be Toronto’s newest record label.
Distributed by Outside Music, the Tangiers will be releasing their third record, and first for the Baudelaire label, on October 4 of this year. The man behind the label is the industry-savvy blogger and all around music guy Evan Newman, who’s said this:

“I think there are a lot of people out there who have been waiting for a label like Baudelaire to come along. The majors are reducing the amount of new artist signings and there are only a few quality independent labels functioning right now. I’ve observed the way labels like Paper Bag and Art & Crafts have been successful, and I think with my label experience, management skills, and general care for the state of our music industry — this label is just a natural next step.”

After the near-devastating end of Three Gut, this news becomes all the better. Guess that’s the way the whole darned human comedy keeps perpetuating itself: Goodbye Three Gut, hello Baudelaire.