Mixtape: *Sixeyes to the Rescue!
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Mixtape: *Sixeyes to the Rescue!

2005_01_07mixtape.gifFor a long time, Torontoist used our Mixtape series to nitpick the music issues of the week and offer relevant music in the very same week. An enormous undertaking, we know. But along the way, we got so caught up in making Mixtapes, that we actually became a Mixtape ourselves. Looking back, posting The Bravery and Louis X highlighted the need to relax our weekly download hijinx, or at least up our quality control. But soon the word ‘relax’ morphed into ‘forget.’ And now we find ourselves out of the Mixtape business altogether.
22861345_83158bb8db_m.gifBut here to save our collective Wednesday is *Sixeyes, who has compiled seven refreshing downloads to get us back on our Mixtape feet. Take it away, *Six:
Wow! This is the first time I’ve put music up on another website. For the past year I’ve handled all the posts on my mp3 blog, *Sixeyes, but this is my first chance to turn a ready made Torontoist audience onto some very good music. Music that flies under the mainstream radar. Thanks for the opportunity, Torontoist!
1. John Vanderslice – “Trance Manual”
Vanderslice is an exceedingly talented and generous artist. His last release and Pixel Revolt (Barsuk-August 23), from which “Trance Manual” comes, were collaborative efforts. Also generous in that he offers many free mp3s on his website. This song utilizes some imaginatively named instruments: ebowed landscape guitar, sky saw guitar, and Vanderslice’s collaborator, Scott Solter, donning white gloves to handle the H3000 church bells. Oh yeah, cellist Erik Friedlander, who did some stellar cello work on The Mountain Goats, The Sunset Tree, adds some anxiety to this tale of a Western journalist and an Iraqi prostitute.
2. Vells – “Larger Than Life”
If T Rex’s Marc Bolan made a special lead vocal appearance on A.C. (Carl) Newman’s solo debut, The Slow Wonder, it would have sounded just like this.
3. Doveman – “Honey”
The NYC based band, Doveman, is centered around the prodigious piano talents of Thomas Bartlett. Although those talents are not evident in much of Doveman’s quiet whispery songs; and “Honey” is no exception. It’s kinda like Nick Drake plinking keys insteads of plucking strings, and cursed with insomnia not depression.

4. Islands – “Abominable Snow” (mp3 courtesy Elliott Aronow of Simple Mission)
Islands are Nick Diamonds and J’aime Thompson of Montreal’s The Unicorns. This new music project isn’t as lo-fi or eccentric as their last, much more indie-pop/rock friendly this time out.
5. Pokett -“Train”
Pokett is the name that Stephane Garry uses as his musical alias. He can hide behind a name that sounds like the missing Teletubbie all he wants, but he can’t hide the fact he can write a nice melody. Even when he buries it beneath flutes, studio tricks, banjo, and whatever else is in there.
clapyourhands.gif6. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – “Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood”
A new favourite of mine, these guys (pitcured), on this track resemble David Byrne fronting The Violent Femmes trying to sound like The Cure… er, uh no, wait… The Cure trying to sound like The Violent Femmes (I hear it differently every time I listen).
7. Wolf Parade – “You are a Runner And I Am My Father’s Son”
The next big thing? The next big ‘indie’ thing? Will you notice? Montreal based Wolf Parade signed to major indie label (that sounds like an oxymoron to me) and have already completed their first full length with Modest Mouse leader, Isaac Brock, producing. You have been warned.
Thanks to *sixeyes for the good picks, and picking up where we left off…Until next week (hopefully)!