Mixtape: From Harlem to Sheffield
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Mixtape: From Harlem to Sheffield

This Le Mercredi Mixtape starts off with promising New Yorkers and ends with promising Brits and in between is a warm salty ocean to dive into. But ‘mixtape’? Mixtape seems like an anachronism already, who makes them anymore? And this isn’t a ‘tape’ now is it? But, what the hell, I used to make mixtapes all the time and actually enjoyed giving new music to friends. This was the idea behind my mp3 blog, *Sixeyes, as well. So, friends… here is some music for you. A mixmp3download/streamthing. Yeah, I know, mixtape is better.
1. The Harlem Shakes – “Eighteen”
An instant favourite from New Yorkers, The Harlem Shakes, “Eighteen”, starts off with their rough harmonizing straight into a double speed thumper which is put over the top by the bands strongest weapon, vocalist, Lexy Benaim. Not only does his voice possess a head turning distinctiveness, but the guy can sing as well.
2. Checkbook Biography – “Abe”
Little more than a commanding voice and piano carries the first two-thirds of this song… and it’s enough.
3. Vancouver Nights – “A Room Of One’s Own”
A small and quaint number from Sara Lapsley. Nothing too over the top here… a duet with a member of The New Pornographers and the main man behind Destroyer, Dan Bejar. Very nice, nonetheless.
2005_24_07twincinemaNPs.jpg 4. The New Pornographers – “Use It”
Matador Records again tempts us with a download from the upcoming New Pornos disc, Twin Cinema. Unfortunately it’s not one of the good ones (such as “Streets Of Fire”, “Stacked Crooked”, and “Jackie, Dressed In Cobras”) and for that matter, neither was the first mp3 treat, “Twin Cinema”…. and what’s up with that cover, Carl? It’s awful.

5. Jetenderpaul – “Our Future’s Passed”
Eccentric and eclectric, this is Jetenderpaul‘s indie pop; and in this song their love of ‘The B’s’ (The Beatles and The Beach Boys) leans more towards The Beach Boys.
6. The Changes – “If I Tried”
A great little-known band out of Chicago, a backward looking sound with a vocal that may be a touch too smooth for ‘indie’ seasoned ears.

7. This Microwave World – “The Party Line”
Austin, Texas, outfit who sound very, very tight on this song… perhaps a result of Spoon main man, Britt Daniel, who here is enlisted as backup singer and the recent ditching of a drum machine for a flesh and blood drummer for Red States, their new album.
8. The Arctic Monkeys – “Fake Tales of San Francisco” [stream]
This is one of those bands that seem to burst forth from the womb fully formed. A quartet of young lads from Sheffield, England, who recently signed with Domino Records, this song is offered here as a stream off the Domino site. Remember this band… they will be the ‘next big thing’ from across the pond.

You know something, I like doing this… thanks Torontoist. I’ll be back.