He Said She Said: Summertime
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He Said She Said: Summertime

2005_01_28heshe.gifSummer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind? Here’s how:
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Or, Paige and Matt check in with their own ideas for summer…

Ahhh the things warm weather can do. Just like picking up a rock and seeing thousands of bugs scatter, a series of sunny days will put everyone into a frenzy. The streets become full of people clamoring to get some sun in the patios, parks, and public spaces of Toronto. You know summer weather is irresistible when even business professionals have cuffed their suits in order to get a better tan at lunch time.
However, the lure of outdoors and downtown also means that everyone in the GTA are on the streets of Toronto. Every area of town starts to resemble a cross between Chinatown and the clubbing district, as suburban teenagers in tiny skirts and baggy pants crowd the streets and walk at ever-so-annoying paces. (Don’t even consider walking past MuchMusic in the summer unless you want to be pushed off the sidewalk because a group of girls have swarmed Rick the Temp.) And with school out, there is nothing keeping the kiddies off the streets. This becomes most appalling late at night, when normally serene parks become public drinking venues, and I get to witness thirteen-year-olds necking outside their houses before the midnight curfews kick in.
The good news is that staying inside can actually be appealing during the summer because television loves to test out new shows when ratings don’t really matter. For instance, Thursdays at 8pm you can watch fashionistas compete for a spot to work with Tommy Hilfiger on The Cut. (Although Torontoist doesn’t see the lure of working for such a bland designer as Hilfiger…) For something more substantial become a fan of HBO’s Entourage: the sexy plots and yummy actors will make you never feel guilty again for staying in on Sunday night.
And of course, what good is summer without summer lovin’? But Torontoist knows you have the summer dating thing down pat. Instead be a voyeur into other’s love lives through a season of Wedding watching. With most people getting married in the summer time, it’s nearly impossible to go through a weekend without witnessing nuptials. Grab a friend and scout out Casa Loma, Edwards Gardens, or some of the cute downtown churches on a Sunday afternoon: dress formal if you’re feeling bold and see just how well you can blend in at the open bar.
Matt B
Doesn’t it always seem like we’ve earned the summer by the time it finally comes back around? You can take a walk through Queen West or the Annex, for example, and not only are there more people out, but they all seem happier and friendlier. I don’t know about you, but about a month back, during our first warm week of the year, there was this sense of collective victory whenever I passed someone in the street. We might as well have been walking around shouting, “All right, we made it!” at each other.
And why not, I say? A full patio is better than an empty patio. One layer of clothing is better than three. Pretty much everything is better than freezing your ass off for months on end. Life in general is suddenly much better, and people everywhere – especially those who know deep down that they’ve only got two or three weeks until everybody starts complaining about how hot it is – are eager to enjoy it while it lasts.
freshprince.jpgOne of the surefire signs that summer has arrived is the moment when you realize how many of your friends have hooked up lately. I mean, it happens every year, doesn’t it? Most people blame it on the fact that there are suddenly a lot of people running around wearing a lot less than usual – and I’m not complaining, because that part’s great. But I think it’s got a lot more to do with the fact that winter is finally over, and everybody knows that it’s not coming back for a long time. Not to sound lame, but it’s a time when there are months of possibility ahead. Work, school and other obligations don’t seem to matter as much. People are in better spirits, feeling less inhibited, and looking to make the most of the summer. And yes, fine, they’re not wearing a whole lot, you’re right.
There’s a sense in which the arrival of summer is a victory, or in which it’s at least worth celebrating. Sure, we’ve got a few great months ahead – but we’ve all been through winter in Toronto before, and we know it won’t be long before we have to go through it again. That in itself is a good enough reason to get out of the house, get over yourself, and get on with it.