Torontoist's Guide To Hitchhiker's
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Torontoist’s Guide To Hitchhiker’s

2005_05_02hitchhikersguidem.gifBouncing around the Hollywood stratosphere for years, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy the movie has finally landed in theatres. That first sentence, or a variation of, most likely made an appearance in some cheeseball newspaper this past weekend. And it’s that type of mediocrity that makes Torontoist pee our pants in frustration. For our review, we dish the nitty gritty, willy nilly.
Firstly, how does it stack up to the book?
Well, it’s said that Doug Adams was involved in the screenplay before he died. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the film was untouched by the dreaded hand of Hollywood. The much talked about romance isn’t half as genuine as Martin Freeman’s romance with Dawn on The Office, and probably shouldn’t have had such prevalence in the plotline. The embellishment of Mos Def’s Ford character, however, gets a heavy-handed TOist cheer.2005-05-02The-Hitchhikers-.gif
Intellectually, the film couldn’t keep up with the ins and outs of Adams idiosyncrasies. With less outright hilarity and more wry Adams humour, some of the jokes didn’t pan out in theatre.
Nextly, what about the movie as a movie, independent of the book?
It’s next to impossible to divorce yourself from the fact that Hitchhiker’s is such a well-loved institution. There are guaranteed to be dorks all over the theatre howling with laughter and reciting key lines. But, without a thought for the book, the movie lagged a bit in the middle. Some of what was funny in the first hour became gimmicky toward the end, namely Sam Rockwell’s character. Alan Rickman’s Marvin got laughs at every opportunity, and the special FX were stunning at times. Hitchhiker’s novices will enjoy.
Lastly, what was the best part?
We’re surprised that Ben Lee or someone of that ilk hasn’t written a song for Zooey Deschanel yet. She does well for herself here as the adventuresome cynical space babe, Trillium Trillian. As for the funniest scene – had to be when all the characters turned into wool. Worth seeing.