Tall Poppy Interview – Craig White, Graphic Designer
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Tall Poppy Interview – Craig White, Graphic Designer

2005-05-02-Craigwhite.jpgCharming, outgoing, friendly, and artistic; Craig White has somehow managed to mold his personality and artistic skills into something people want. White runs his own graphic design company that has clients like Bell Canada and the CFL among others and in the summers he runs game based events. White talked to Torontoist about his design, his events and Toronto.
Where do you live? Where are you from?
I live out in the totally self-enclosed Beaches area…or Beach depending on how long you’ve been around. I usually don’t say more than “I live near Lick’s”. People always get the “yeah I know that place” look and I’m done explaining. It’s almost the opposite of where I grew up down here. For ski or golf buff’s, I grew up in Hockley Valley…for people who aren’t either of those, it was the boonies. My best friend was a dog and the forest was my playground.
When did you start Motive One? What kind of work do you do?
I guess Motive One has been around for two and a half years. It’s kind of hard to think back to then, and to be truthful I can’t remember important occasions for the life of me. Motive One is like the small yet complete graphic design company that will sit with you from start to finish and make sure that your designs look perfect. It’s mostly print stuff but there is some web stuff around. I split my time in the summer between that and another company I co-run called Kibosh Events.

Who are some of your clients? Where would we have seen you work?
Oh man, this is a true test of my memory. The high profile clients have been the CFL, Frito Lays, Bell, but mostly internal stuff. I prefer the start-ups who really need to grab a niche and hold on to it. They’re also a little less worried about looking like everyone else. That’s a hard mould to break a fifty year old out of. I like to take a clients idea and work it till it flows from start to finish so even if they’re small they look like a huge company. It’s hard to say where you could have seen some stuff. There are many different circles to travel in. Chances are you’ve seen something and wouldn’t know it. I’d rather be humble than in your face bragging. An artist not an advertiser.
Tell us a little about the events you run? How do the games work? When are they happening?
Yeah the events company is a bit of an odd one. I kind of stumbled into this one. It’s a cross between >the Amazing Race and the movie The Game. We customize an event with a full story line; the teams run around meeting live actors and doing favours or challenges in order to receive a clue to get them to the next stage. Each game is completely different. It’s incredibly unique. We’re always looking for more Kibosh’s to run but there’s a big one for the Meeting House Downtown launch happening in September. Just keep your eyes peeled this summer for groups of people running around with giant “K”s on their chests talking to people who look like the fell out of the Sabotage video.
You have really cool glasses. Where did you get them?
I’m so blind that is not funny anymore. If I have to wear glasses they may as well be art. No sense hiding something on your face that you pay $500 for. I only go one place for my glasses. In fact this time I didn’t even see the glasses before I bought them, that’s how good these guys are. Envy Eyewear in the Beach. They’ve got stuff I’ve never seen before, stuff that is honestly worthy of being called a sculpture. Yet all functional. I keep seeing stuff on the cover of Cosmo and it’s fashion before function, but not with these guys. Envy takes it all and finds the best-looking stuff I’ve ever seen on someone’s face. I have one pair that looks like Clark Kent meets Batman. I call these ones my Space Buddy Holly frames. So you get the picture.