She Says: The Summer Dating Deal
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She Says: The Summer Dating Deal

hesaidshesaid.bmpTorontoist fully believes that there is an unwritten rule which commands you must date in the summertime. Be jaded, heartbroken, and lonely all winter long: cold weather makes hibernation completely acceptable. But summer and spring time require going outside, looking fabulous, and finding someone else to get on with. After all, how many great fictional romances revolve around summer love? The answer is, pretty much all of them. (N.B. says the girl who has memorized Dirty Dancing and grew up on Grease.)
grease.gifAnd if you really don’t believe you need a warm-weather romance, think of it this way: you could spend an hour a day doing cardio at the gym to get summer-fit, or you could spend all spring romping in bed. The latter will not only tone your body but also gives you a perfect flustered summer glow – all without even having to fake-n-bake!
Okay, so by now you’re on the same page as me (har har) and recognize your need to find some yum-yum over the next few months. But Paige, you say, ‘I don’t know how to get a date, what to do with him, or where to go with the whole thing.” This is where Torontoist comes in: the next few weeks Torontoist will be completely devoted to summer dating.

PART ONE: find a date.
Yes this can at first seem like the hardest step in the whole summer-love process, but trust me. Once you get going, finding guys to date is the easiest part. Because, as the old rule states: all you need to get a date is another date.
endlesssummer.gifLook for potential boys at places you yourself frequent. Chances are you will get along better with a guy if he has the same interests as you (seems pretty obvs?). Some examples include: the hot guy who works at the store you like (Urban Outfitters is always a fabulous resource for this); the boy you always bump into at the bar( Dance Cave is good for repeat attendees); the cutie on your TTC route (always approach him on the assumption you will never run into him again); and the friend-of-a-friend at a house party.
Toronto is a hot city (either that or I am just a randy girl who has no problem identifying cute boys at ever corner). So I command you take advantage of this and keep your eyes focused on the boys of our city every time you are out, because it should only take fifteen minutes to find a dateable beau.
Once you have a guy in sight, chat him up, make him laugh, and get a good little rapport going. And then, here is your trick: have a time limit. I know it’s hard for girls to give out phone numbers; as much as we want to turn the dating rules upside down it is always nicer to have a guy ask YOU for your number/msn/contact info. So if you have a good little conversation going and then have to run out, dude will feel obligated to ask you how he can see you again. If he doesn’t, you have the option of asking him out, or writing him off. Whatever is
One last tip: the last-call panic at a bar is also a good place to find dates. I highly recommend Supermarket because every week I witness the entire bar pairing-up as the drinks run dry. But if you’re serious about making it a date, don’t go home with your last-call-crush. Call him in a few days and make plans to meet up.
And if you’re not sure where to take your date, you’ll just have to
wait until next week…