A Taste of Paris in Toronto
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A Taste of Paris in Toronto

paris11.gifBetween the screaming thirteen year olds and the creepy older men, Torontoist somehow managed to grab a front row ticket to the Live at Much House of Wax “special red carpet edition.”
Sure, watching from the comfort of your own couch and television is fun, but it’s much more satisfying to be part of the live action. After all, where else can you be shoved by a Chanel-wearing fifteen-year-old because she needs to get her breasts signed by Chad Michael Murray?
paris22.gifOther notable occurrences from the viewing included:
– Being able to confirm that while Paris does have the largest entourage (her personal makeup and hair people were on her every moment the camera was not) her famously “large” Hilton hands are not as reputably freakish.
paris33.gif– Elisha Cuthbert’s shoes. I want them and need to find out where she bought them. (they were sequined pony shoes which matched her dress perfectly, if you didn’t see them on camera.)
– Seeing Chad Michael Murray lose his cool to his personal assistant and VJ Matte, because some dude outside threw a water bottle at him. To quote the star: “If I find out who he is I am going to fucking get him.” To quote the adoring sixteen-year old boy next to me: “Oooh Chad! I will totally help you!”
– Watching Jared Padalecki (aka Dean from Gilmore Girls) flirt with every girl in the audience, to the point where he stopped answering questions to touch outstretched hands.
– Seeing Paris start to panic when the group was asked to name their guilty pleasure. As each celeb answered, you could see the wheels churning in dear Paris’ head, trying to think of something witty or clever to say. Even I felt nervous for the poor girl. Okay, actually it was my own guilty pleasure watching her squirm.