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Ask Torontoist: Ask Us!

AskTorontoist.gifToronto asks, and Torontoist answers. Following our friends in New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C., Torontoist will take the time to address the every concern of our treasured Torontoist readers. So feel free to direct your every uncertainty to this website for the definitive Toronto answer. For instance, here’s a question posed to us by Torontoist reader last never:
Dear Torontoist,
I am a 20-something music writer living in the Dundas West area. I love the area but am getting so tired of always going out to the same bars! Is there somewhere else I can go out and still retain my indie cred?
– Looking Around for More Entertainment

Well, LAME, you have quite a predicament there. We would suggest checking out some of the spots around Parliament – possibly the city’s next hotspot – but you’ll need to go a full 360 degrees on this one. How about taking the ironic route and hanging out a Firkin for a while? Drink a few bottles of Labatt Stirling…listen to some Doors Greatest Hits on the jukebox…maybe even order some nachos? This will act as a sort of cleansing process before you have to go back to chasing trends around the city. Best of luck, LAME!
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