The Weekend That Was: Streeters, Boldface Names and Robotic DJs
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The Weekend That Was: Streeters, Boldface Names and Robotic DJs

streeter.gifJunk shop owner surveying two wan, artsy nicoTeens on Queen West: Man, don’t you be smoking!
Gallery-goin’ smokers in the lovely Saturday sun: Hey, beautiful man, what a lovely day!
Junk shop owner: You gots to quit that stuff if you wanna be healthy. Just throw those cigarettes away.
Smokers: Right.
Recently Juno’d Ron Sexsmith, to TOist contributor JKelly, at the paddock on Friday, after a bit of cajoling: Hey man, it’s your birthday. Uh, Happy Birthday.
City Councillor Adam Giambrone, celebrating a friend’s birthday at Squirly’s on Friday night: Hi, Nice to meet you.
Don McKellar, to friend pushing a baby in a bicycle in front of the Royal on Saturday aft: Look, everyone’s jealous of you because you have a baby (after seeing us admire the cute little thing)
A Beatle-haired Jian Gomeshi, on Bloor Street, near Dooney’s on Sunday night: Um, we’re not sure. A snippet of unintelligible wordage.
And at Sunday night’s Zap Mama show at the Mod Club: A DJ with some very fine moves, and a dancey crowd to eat it up, not to mention a sound system much improved since the Metric malfunctions of months past.