He Said, She Said: For the Kids...
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He Said, She Said: For the Kids…

2005_01_28heshe.gifWhenever springtime approaches, it’s almost natural to feel fresh, young, even spring-like. Perhaps these feelings come from the obligatory spring clean-up chores, or just watching television shows directed at a teenage demographic. But maybe the youthful sensation comes from an unnatural and illegal attraction to premature females. In Adrian the Adorable Sports Writer’s case, it’s the latter. The more mature and sophisticated Paige Six, however, is starting to recognize the distance between the interests of her college self and that of youth culture.
So this week, the youngish columnists discuss not being so youngish anymore, and how the hit TV series The O.C. might be the best indication of that.

Although it’s generally my university years that give me the strong sense of nostalgia, every now and then, I long to go back to those exciting highschool days of the late nineties. Like Paige, the feeling intensifies when sitting down to shows like the OC.
With last Thursday’s memories of Seth, Ryan and the gang fresh in my head, I managed to achieve that long-desired time-travel back to grade 11. Although I wasn’t quite able to pinpoint 1997 during my journey, I was fortunate enough to get a first hand look at today’s teenagers. Yes that’s right. Just as Peter Parker becomes Superman, the Adorable Sports Writer transformed into the Adorable Parental Guardian at his friend’s daughter’s high school party last Friday night.
OC-MischaBarton-01.gifThe point at where Paige and I cease to see eye-to-eye on the matter is the basis behind our desire to re-live highschool. Where she strives to be seen as “that cool older girl”, I, on the other hand, try my best to blend in with the crowd. You see, like any mid-twenties male, I too am drawn to these fashion-savvy, hip little seventeen year olds…just like Marissa Cooper. Soooo…needless to say, I was forced to put on an act at times last weekend. On one occasion, after being asked what school I go to, I was forced to reply “I don’t go to school, I’m a little bit older.” Overhearing this conversation, a young friend of mine was quick to jump in and put out the fire. “He’s in university, first year” the voice piped in. Perfect I thought. What does that make me these days, eighteen? Obviously I went with it.
2005_04_22jvdb.gifOf course there were all the clichés of your run-of-the-mill teen gathering. An over-crowded house, a lot of innocent drug abuse, excessive underage drinking leading to excessive underage throwing-up, a fight, the cops, and of course – the infamous party “slut” who gets caught in the garage with a handful of guys. Nothing you wouldn’t see on the OC.
I feel that my generation was cheated with its television representatives. While we were stuck with that dufus from Dawson’s Creek, today’s teens have the OC. No wonder the girls today are (censored).
As my roommates and I were watching the OC last night – and by watching I mean obsessively following the show and then discussing each character’s progression from last week, like how Ryan looks more buff and how Marissa should be a drunk again – uh, anyways, as we were watching the OC we were rudely reminded of our own ages.
ryan.jpgFirst there was last week, with Trey (Ryan’s delinquent older brother) turning the ancient age of twenty-one. And then tonight, Summer deemed wine drinking as a stuffed up, old-person thing to do, and I instantly had the urge to hide my bottle of Cab-Sauv out of view from the television. It’s not that I want to go back to high school; I just want to fit in with the hip little people that seventeen year olds suddenly are.
Forget that I always laugh at the high school children I see at the mall or on the bus (because really, some of them are quite lame). I just need to be “that cool older girl” to anyone younger, simply because that’s how I titled anyone over twenty when I was a teen. But I have doubts at my ability to do this. I sometimes even feel a generation gap with my sister, and she is only 19. Then again, her shame in me only comes when I do things like tag along on her rollerblading, fall on my bum and stumble along slowing down the entire trip. She and her friends definitely do not think, “Wow, what an inspiration!”
So back to the OC. Up until its recent ageism, the show used to be my last link to the high school state of mind. I will be one of the first people to admit that TV is nothing like real life but it really seems that there are more things in common with my university-twenty- something-lifestyle and their private-school-teenagerness. My high school days were not quite the OC (except for a few dramatic gossip moments) but I do think the Newport Beach kids would fit right in with my current state of living.
Of course, only on the condition that they bring Caleb’s small fortune
with them.