Fire, Fire!
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Fire, Fire!

arcade.gifIn what appeared to be a blind stab at modern fashion, some dude came to last night’s Arcade Fire show in a full business suit. From the looks of it, this young man had misinterpreted the tie and blazer w/ jeans trend for all out formal attire. After a few head shakes, Torontoist was quick to remember that he once wore his jeans backwards in grade 6, mimicking his favourite popular musicians at the time. Wait a second. Could it be that this well-intentioned 17-year-old had taken the Arcade Fire’s on-stage “funeral wear” and converted it into some new fashion trend? Is this band really wielding that kind of influence? If last night’s adoring fans are any indication, the answer is ‘yes.’
From the opening “duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-na” of “Wake Up” to the lingering cooing of closer “In the Backseat,” Arcade Fire had the Danforth Music Hall under lock and key. The band had such on-stage pull and shear power over the hordes of Arcade fanatics, it’s hard to even think back to opening acts Wolf Parade or Final Fantasy. The extraordinary set included a number of covers, including “Naive Melody,” a few new songs, and some truly engaging, emotional moments with lead singer Win Butler. When people are singing word-for-word with rarely heard songs like “Cars and Telephones” and calling out for unreleased material three songs into the set, it’s a sign that the band is approaching star status or last night was a fans only affair. Either way, it was something to behold.
A Top Ten List of Arcade highlights:
10. Meeting Win Butler on the way to the bathroom (that guy is tall).
9. The Danforth Music Hall serves P-corn!
8. Talking Heads cover.
7. Encore.
6. Second encore.
5. Third encore.
4. Band members walking into audience after third encore.
3. “Rebellion (Lies)”
2. Win Butler announcing his permanent resident status in Canada.
1. Regine doing a very human looking robot dance to “Haiti.”
Concert low-light (besides the kid in the suit):
1. Some idiot yelling Napolean Dynomite impressions at our tall red-haired accordian friend.