He Said, She Said: A Blogging Romance
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He Said, She Said: A Blogging Romance

2005_01_28heshe.gifThe men and women behind blogs have needs too, you know.
With the stigma still vaguely attached to on-line dating, blogging may soon emerge as a genuine internet dating service. As more and more blog writers are turning to the blogosphere for romance, more and more blog-flirting (cross blogination?) is becoming evident. Some bloggers go so far as to start an email correspondence with their blog crush. Others just sneak frisky comments in here or there to get the ball rolling. But can there be love in blogs? Can there be blogs in love? This week, Torontoist columnists Adrian and Paige delve into the topic of blog-on-blog action…

I’ve always been a bit taken back by the whole “Blogger” culture. With no prior experience, you can imagine my level of anxiety when I was thrown in the fire of such an up-and-coming, medium-sized, city blog. Probably halfway through my initial post, all of that anxiety departed, being replaced by a sense of power, that I could say whatever or criticize whomever I wanted. Understandably, Vince Carter soon became the target of my attacks. I thought this had to be what Christian Slater felt like in the 1990 classic, Pump Up the Volume.
pumpupthevolume.gifYet still in the dark to the whole “blogger” scene, Torontoist editor Josh guided me through the seemingly endless supply of personal blogs. What I quickly came to realize was that not only were there some extremely attractive females who would let us into their thoughts and lives, but that these bloggers seemed to be a very tight knit group. They all offer links to each others sites, and comment on each others posts. All in all, it seems to be not just a round-about MSN Messenger, but more importantly, an indirect dating network.
Even still on the outside, it has become apparent to me that like many other groups or communities, bloggers like to date within their circles. And although it provides a fantastic forum to meet other like-minded individuals, one aspect confuses me a little. When you have a “crush” on someone in school or at work, you will tend to work closer with that person, or create more opportunity for interaction. In public, say at a bar or club for example, it’s obviously quite simple – especially when alcohol is a factor. So my concern is how you express or build on your “blogger crush.”
Can you post about it? What would others think? Do you email the person? If so, what do you talk about? Perhaps the latest Boy Reporter gallery critique? Or maybe why Torontoist Josh can get so intense sometimes? There are so many questions that need answering.
We shall turn it over to the lovely Paigesix, who may shed some light down this clouded hallway.
Paige Six
Adrian the Adorable and I were talking about how blogging is just an excuse to get dates, and I said I had never really taken advantage of it. Then coincidentally that night I went out to the bar, and I met a random guy. Suddenly we were discussing the differences between MySpace and Blogger, and I ended up giving out my blog address instead of phone number.
Does this mean I have officially entered the realm of blog dating?
Okay so maybe there are various bloggers whom I have crushed on since I started writing. Maybe I make sure to always comment on certain sites because I think it will make the blogger notice me. Maybe I have a favourites folder just for hot boy bloggers. But seriously, that is as deep as I have gone into blog dating.
blog.gifInternational bloggers are fun to flirt with, but in the long run they make for an impractical crush. Because while I realize I have already hit a certain level of geekyness by cruising for dates online, I don’t want to become that girl who is flying thousands of miles to meet her dream guy in person for the first time.
So I crave something more local. Why else do you think I started writing for Torontoist, other than to be able to mix and mingle with hot bloggers from my hometown?
Also consider that blogging has become the new ugg boot at my university. This popularity is a good thing, mainly because saying you blog is no longer misinterpreted as slang for some new venereal disease. At the same time, it opens a whole new realm of opportunities for me to talk to the guys I crush on from campus. But then again, I usually get no further than, “Hi, I linked to your blog, I hope you don’t mind…”
But alas, there is one crucial problem with having a blog crush or blog boyfriend: you cannot blog about him. Or, alternately, you cannot blog about the other guys you are hitting on, for fear he will get the wrong impression. And with my track record, it’s no wonder my ventures into blog dating have only come so far.