An Emotional Blow...Up Review
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An Emotional Blow…Up Review

blow-up.gifAfter seeing the majority of the SXSW reviews read more like diary entries or travelogues, Torontoist decided to review the final Blow-Up in timeline form. Here’s the shake down of the Saturday that was:
10:15 p.m., at home.
Torontoist lies around in bed, listening to this surreal Futureheads-Streets remix. Receives a call about Blow Up party and the hypeness therein.
10:20 p.m., in line at the ElMo.
There’s a special guest performing?
10:45 p.m., up in the club.
Who is that weighty Swedish dude with the long beard? Why is he wearing a cloak? Oh yeah, it’s Ebbot Lundberg of The Soundtrack of Our Lives.
2005_03_28tsool.gifLost track of time, obviously still at Blow Up.
Special guests TSOOL take the stage. Blow Up curator Davy Love joins the band, and a battle of the beards ensues. Wait a second! Was that Salingers drummer Ryan playing tambourine at the back (see photo, far left)?
Still no idea what time it is, at Blow Up.
Hey there’s east coast hunk Matt Mays. He’s playing a free show at the Horseshoe on Tuesday night!
Somewhere between midnight and 2 a.m., in some sort of not-so-secret back room.
Talking to Ebbot from TSOOL. Of all the questions in the world, Torontoist asks, “What’s it like being a British band in the North America?” To which the biggest man in the room replied, “We’re from Sweden.”
10 minutes later, same back room.
Here’s what was said:
Josh: Don’t look now, but I think that’s Matt Good behind you…
Josh’s companion: Don’t worry, I don’t care.
Josh: But he’s the Sass Jordan of the 90’s alt.rock generation!
Josh’s companion: You’ve made an interesting point, but he’s way too self-important. I don’t want to contribute to that by looking.
Josh: Well, I’m not even sure if it’s actually him since he hasn’t had a single out since 1996.
4:30 a.m., at the DJ booth.
At the emotional pinnacle of the evening, after playing “A Day in the Life” to the still lively audience, Davy announces the end of the Blow-Up era. “Eye magazine called this the longest running Brit-pop party…it’s the longest running party!” (or something like that).
6 a.m., Davy’s after-party.
Geez. It was late or early, and Torontoist had some Easter eggs to find. Too bad we couldn’t stay for the de rigeur party-till-11:30 a.m.-then-go-get-a-full-English-and-pint-of-Strongbow. Well, from the looks of the flyers, there’s always next week…