Billy Koch is Hopping Mad
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Billy Koch is Hopping Mad

jays.jpgBilly Koch is rather upset with the Toronto Blue Jays organization these days. After being released two-weeks ago, Koch is struggling to rationalize the teams quick decision. Well this struggle has seemingly led to anger. The Toronto Sun is reporting a meeting with Koch in which he took a bite out of his former team.
Koch claims it was reportedly his lax work ethic causing his recent release. He then asks how a team could cut someone after four trips to the mound. Dear Billy, perhaps it was the $950,000 commitment coupled with your 15.00 spring ERA that signaled to management it was time to part ways. You burned General Manager JP Ricciardi when he brought you to Oakland. He was certainly not going to let you get the best of him for a second time.
bunnykoch.jpgWhen asked if he would join another team, therefore negating the Jays contract, Billy simply replied “Nope”. He later went on to add that, “I’m going to make the Toronto Blue Jays pay every cent of my salary. They can pay my gas money for my car, they can pay to fill up my 240-gallon tank for my 30-foot Pursuit, they can gas up my jet boat and our three jet skis.” That sounds like more gas than the 95 mph fastballs Koch wildly guns all over home plate.
He has however enjoyed the opportunity to spend significant time with his family this spring. Living close to the Jays training grounds, he speaks fondly of the opportunity he had to dress up as the Easter Bunny and surprise his kids this past weekend. “My wife said ‘what’s that on the lawn?’ The kids looked out and for two seconds they didn’t know what to think, then they recognized it was me hopping up and down. It was 130F degrees inside the suit.” Don’t worry Billy, Torontoist can re-count numerous times where you’ve looked equally ridiculous serving up blown-save after blown-save in your #44 Jays jersey.

Taking his children’s classmates to the Jays opening game against the local Devil Rays this upcoming Monday, Koch put the icing on the cake when one of his kid’s friends asked him whether they were still going to the game. His reply? “Not only are we going, but I’ll be sitting with you and we’ll be holding up signs reading ‘Go Devil Rays!’ ”
Thanks for wasting our time again Billy. Atleast the Jays will have somewhere between four and seven more wins with you out of their lineup this year.