A Snack for McKenzie, Wake-up Call for Klee
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A Snack for McKenzie, Wake-up Call for Klee

2005_02_03mackenzieWith Gary Bettman finally putting an end to the prolonged nausea of the NHL’s Collective Bargaining, we now look at alternative distractions to fill the void in the absence of our country’s top sport. The void once filled by the even more nauseating lockout coverage by top sporting networks such as TSN and RogersSportsnet, will hopefully see a shift to real sporting news, such as Vince Carter’s resurgence and this weekends’ NBA All-star game.
With this anticipated shift in the Canadian-media-sporting-content, it can only be assumed that the initial ten minutes of each telecast will no longer include TSN’s Bob McKenzie critiquing Commissioner Bettman’s daily breakfast selection. Hopefully we wont have to see the likes of McKenzie or any of James Duthie’s other cronies until the next season eventually faces-off.
Torontoist would like to offer it’s final thoughts on the lockout that was.
2005_02_22fatburning.gifMaple Leaf defenseman Ken Klee called out Gary Bettman on the Fan590 yesterday morning – accusing him of bargaining in bad faith. A witty Klee questioned Bettman’s methods, stating that he surely must have read the book Bargaining for Dummies – making reference to the “For Dummies” series of instructional manuals. Torontoist would like to remind its readers that Ken Klee makes two and a half million dollars a season. So why this complaining from a guy who is the hockey equivalent of a Harvey’s Busboy? Klee made more in 2003-04 then he should have over a ten-year career. His complaints of the situation are a greedy cry for help. Under a restricted system, it will be players such as himself who will be the first to get cut back, and Torontoist is excited for that day.
Many say that Bettman and union counterpart, Bob Goodenow are certain to lose their jobs over the current situation. Torontoist feels otherwise. Perhaps if the situation had resolved itself today with neither side receiving what it was looking for, then this would likely be the reality. However, until the situation is resolved, both men can still come out as heroes to their membership. Torontoist is leaning towards the Commissioner in this matter. With many of the players living like rap-stars, their bling bling is certain to dissipate long before their wealthy owners’ do.
2005_02verntroyer.gifWhat the NHLPA needs to realize is that most of the Sporting World gives a rat’s ass about them. On ESPN’s Jim Rome is Burning this past Monday, one of Jim’s guests summed it up nicely, saying that “People would prefer to watch Verne Troyer pee on a carpet on the Surreal Life, then they would watch hockey.” Not the best bargaining tool Mr. Goodenow.
Rest in Peace NHL 2004-05… Scratch that – Good Riddance! And to Bob McKenzie. Perhaps Ken Klee was on to something. Enjoy your holiday chubby.