The "Don't Call Me Christopher" Mixtape
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The “Don’t Call Me Christopher” Mixtape

2005_01_07mixtape.gifAs Torontoist sits down to reflect upon last year’s Arcade Fire album, we ask ourselves: “Is all we ever do is sit down to reflect upon last year’s Arcade Fire album?” Watching the Win and Regine show last night on Conan O’Brien raised a completely separate issue though. That issue, briefly, is Chart Magazine. (Not a specific Chart issue, but the content of the publication in general.) This week’s 2004 Eye Music Critic’s Poll included two absurd statements from the silly Canadian music magazine (only available in print, fortunately). First, there’s a disparaging slam directed toward our heroes the Arcade Fire by Chart writer Sofi Papamarko. Sofi, it should be noted, is a fan of the Killers. Then, Editor Aaron Brophy issues a vile and insulting reproach of the last Wilco album. Gross! What is going on over at those Chart offices? Listening to Hot Fuss a little too much? Perhaps? At any rate, Chart Magazine is completely out of their element. Here’s our mixtape…
1. Iron & Wine – “The Trapeze Swinger”
Superb 9-minute folkie off of that new Topher Grace movie. Topher is actually just short for Christopher. Not so cool anymore, is it?
2. The Double – “Up All Night”
Recently signed to Matador. Kind of a strange one…

3. Nina Gordon – “Straight Outta Compton” (NWA Cover)
Former Veruca Salt babe covers NWA’s best song. Sounds like a misplaced Lisa Loeb b-side, which is more annoying than funny, but maybe worth a listen. Or maybe not. It’s totally your call.
2005_02_02topher.gif4. Louis XIV – “Louis XIV”
Louis XIV – “God Killed the Queen”
People talk, and Torontoist listens. This is the Louis XIV that was talked up in last weeks Mixtape comments.
5. Common ft. Kanye West and Last Poets – “The Corners”
From Cocaine Blunts. There is NOTHING wrong with rocking some K. West on a Wednesday.