Guess Who's Out of Their Element Now? Mixtape
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Guess Who’s Out of Their Element Now? Mixtape

2005_01_07mixtape.gifOver the past few weeks on Le Mercredi Mixtape, Torontoist has constructed several successful straw-man arguments, made a few ad-hominem attacks, and may have actually thought up some valid criticisms. But since there’s too much free music and disparaging remarks to speak of this week, Torontoist abandons our essay format in favour of a more economical point form:
2005_02_06ryansocialscene.gif– Did Pitchforkmedia steal excerpts from our interview with the Arcade Fire and then use them in their interview? Yes they did. When we say “our,” we mean “my.” And when we say “they,” we are referring to pudgy editor “Ryan Schreiber.” This is annoying for a very specific reason: Once Schreiber was the vanguard of independent music criticism now he can’t even conduct an independent interview. He could have at least cited the website, JunkMedia. Now we feel obligated to post this picture of the funny-looking Schreiber on the cover of You Forgot It In People. More Schreiber album covers (Thanks ToothPic!).
Ed. Note: This issue has been resolved! Check here!
– Did Pop Wherry really call Alicia Keys a “female artist of race” in the Post’s Grammy review? Yes he did. Torontoist thought the comment was somewhat curious for two reasons: a) What? b) How? And when we happened upon the Keys video for “You Don’t Know My Name” (featuring male artist of race Mos Def) last night, Wherry’s awkward comment kept running through our head…Are we being too sensitive? Is this an outdated comment meant to register with older readers? Or is it some sort of Ray Charles-era satire…? Or could it be that Wherry is OOHE (out of his element)?
– Do all those people who are buying Oasis tickets really just want to see Jet? This is a non-issue for several reasons: Be Here Now, Standing on the Shoulder of Giants and Heathen Chemistry.
Here are the songs for this week:
1. The Hangar 18 – “Where We At” Video
Definitive Jux rappers come to ElMo tomorrow night for a slightly astounding 15 dollars.
2. No Dynamics – “Josephine Baker”
No Dynamics are the band that held the much talked about house party show last Saturday…You should “check it out.”

2005_02_20schreiber.gif3. The Stills – “Love & Hate”
Torontoist is not impressed with these dudes. The reason for the posting is that local music foxxx Emily Haines is in the video.
4. Os Mutantes – “Dois Mil E Um”
The BEST song by far on today’s Mixtape, if not in the history of Mixtape. Thanks to CredCentral, Brazilian psyche-pop is the perfect laxative for a poo-poo February day.
Thanks for reading and try to stay within your element as we will stay within ours.