Lighten Up with a "Funny" Mixtape
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Lighten Up with a “Funny” Mixtape

2005_01_07mixtape.gifMuch of today’s mixtape purports to be funny, with varying success. The video is funny-sad, the lyrics are funny-deranged, the song title is funny-eccentric, and the sitcom song is outright funny. Torontoist even tries to make funny about our rampant spelling mistakes. Now THAT is funny.
1. The Unicorns – “Jellybones” video
Preposterous impromptu restaurant gig could be the Unicorns first and last video, since the “break-up” just the other “day.” Take note of the closing refrain (“This is love so we’ll survive”). Or, in other words, don’t blindly believe yesterday’s Drowned in Sound post (the only evidence of a definite break-up). The article states that they are a four-piece when there are clearly three of them, so the fact-checking team at DiS is already a little suspect. But who are we to criticize mistakes?
2. Ninja High School – “It’s All Right to Fight”
Toronto indie white-guy rap outfit takes a hilarious standpoint on the issue of fighting. With the sardonic “you’re going home in a fucking ambulance” chants, this one might prove too jokey for the more serious Torontoist reader. This is from the forthcoming single with the Alphabet 7 inch series on Tomlab Records. These people are playing Rancho Relaxo on Jan. 21.

3. McLusky – “Without MSG I am Nothing”
Recently broked up. (And p.s. No need to write a comment about the spelling of “broked,” Torontoist intentionally wrote “broked.” We thought it was both funny and cute.)
4. Fiery Furnaces – “Sing for Me” and “Here Comes Summer” are GONE!
Sorry. These Mp3’s were available for a while on the always hip TIKTDA, but Torontoist was playing hard to get. Now that the EP is available, and it’s a whole different ballgame. We snoozed we losed.
2005_01_12rickyg.gif5. Ricky Gervais ft. Noel Gallagher – “Free Love Highway”
Ah! So funny. Surprising that Noel Grumpagher still has a sense of humour. Originally from The Office, and taped for XFM. Via Music (for Robots).
Okay that’s it. Hope you had fun(ny). Until next week!