What will Mr. Manson think?
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What will Mr. Manson think?

2005_01_21micro.gifLast year, the blatant ripping off of U2 hit its most maddening with Pilate’s Into your Hideout, the U2 song Torontoist was quite excited about before finding out it wasn’t U2. Of course, Coldplay had done a fair job stealing from their elders with the bridge from Clocks. So Torontoist supposes it’s only fair that the best rock band alive evens out their ledger of debits and credits. Their latest has been hailed and assailed by critics who will all change their minds in 10 years anyway, but almost all agree much of the album is derivative. Not that that’s a bad thing. The album’s called How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb not How to Reinvent the Wheel. The bridge from Electrical Storm shows up in Track 3. City of Blinding Lights (sure to be a smash single) is assisted by piano lifted from New Year’s Day. Stealing from yourself is fine, but lifting from others is a little muddier, especially when the blokes you lift from don’t have all that iCash coming in. Debuting at No. 27 on the MuchMusic Countdown, All Because of You features a vintage U2 video that’s an homage to the famous Where the Streets Have No Name (“We’re shutting you down!”) and a catchy tune. Maybe you’ve heard it before — on the Soundtrack of our Lives’ 2003 Behind the Music. U2, who famously stole Helter Skelter back from Charles Manson, have cheekily taken the song 21st Century Rip Off and, well, ripped it off. But Soundtrack may have the last laugh. Not only is their song Sister Surround featured in an awesome Porsche scene from a Topher Grace flick, but the Swede sensation’s new album Origin, Vol. 1, due out in March, has been hailed by the Boston Globe as “another swirling experiment in psychedelic rock.”