He Said, She Said: Subway Snogging
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He Said, She Said: Subway Snogging

heshe.gifIn 1800’s France, during the time of novelist Victor Hugo, the underground was considered a thriving spot for young love. With a backdrop of smelly water and rats, a stroll through the famous sewers of Paris was the ultimate display of courtship. Just as couples would spend hours wandering through intricate tunnels deep below the streets of Paris, modern romantics are spending more time getting to know one another in the Toronto underground.
Thanks to the sexy new Spacing Magazine subway buttons, the Toronto Transit Commission has become quite a hot spot for intimate moments. Instead of movie theatres and restaurants, dates today are all about subway platforms and bus shelters. Leave it to Torontoist columnists Paige and Adrian the Adorable Sports Writer to find exactly which TTC stop is the best to ‘get off’ at…

I think you have to admit there is something slightly romantic about
Toronto’s subway. You are always guaranteed to run into new people,
but at the same time it’s probably the one place with the most chance
of randomly running into old flames. And how can you deny that sexy,
rumbling feeling of riding the subway? Okay, maybe getting hot and
bothered on the TTC is not so easy. That is, unless you look for it in
the right places at the right times!
Weekday Mornings – Best Time to Find a New Date
If you have to be up that early, take advantage of it. Don’t hide
yourself in a car during your commute, because riding the subway
downtown between 7:30-10:30am guarantees a selection of some of
Toronto’s hottest and most successful people. And the best part is,
you can figure out a lot about your new across-the-car-crush by what
stop he gets off at. For instance, King: probably wearing a suit
(always hot), works corporate big business; Osgoode: trendy designer,
or some other hip new media type; Dundas: could work in the Eaton
Center, bonus if it’s a good store for employee discount. Whatever
type of guy you’re on the lookout for, you can find on the downtown
TTC. And once you spot him, you have the option of approaching him, or
watching him secretly every morning on your own way to work. Hmmm…
Bathurst Station – Best Place for a Public Make-Out
There is something so seedy about Bathurst Station (perhaps due to its
close proximity to The Brunswick House) that it just became an
acceptable station for public displays of affection. I spot at least
one or two couples kissing and groping- usually on a Friday night- and
the action always happens in on the main floor, inside, up against the
windows. So I say, put your worries about all the dirt and germs
aside, and ignore the various perverts watching you. Join in on the
trend and have your date make-out with you in Bathurst Station.
The Blue Line/Vomit Comet – Best Last Chance for Sex
Did all your friends hook-up and go home with people at the bar,
leaving you not only single but unable to afford a taxi home after
last call? Even though the subway is closed, and you’re stuck waiting
at a bus stop, the blue line is there to revive your night. Start
talking to someone hot and use winter to your advantage: pretend to
shiver in hopes he warm you up. And because the vomit
comet is usually crowded, it seems polite to share a seat once you get
on the bus. With all that touching (plus a whole night of drinking to
back you up!), making-out will naturally happen. And hopefully you
will both ‘ding’ to get off at the same stop.
Adrian the Adorable Sports Writer
To think of the Toronto Transit Commission as a place to express one’s affection is a little off-putting at first. My initial thoughts of the TTC and their “wonderful” stations are those of anxiety, discomfort and filth. My problem however is that I am viewing it from a strictly functional standpoint that the TTC is for transport and transport alone. The allure of the system seemed lost on me. However after taking a step back, I can now see that there are some romantic gems hidden along the miles of filthy track.
2005_01_21ttc2.gifAge’s Top-3 TTC makeout spots:
1) Yorkdale Platform, South Bench
There are numerous reasons why the Yorkdale platform is worthy of such a prestigious designation. Apart from the busy shopping season, the third last stop on the Spadina line is rarely over-crowded. This is always an attractive quality in selecting either a favourite subway station or place to make-out. So when it comes to combining the two, Yorkdale becomes the natural choice. However with sixty-three stops to choose from what separates the best from the rest. Well, every bench lining Yorkdale’s outdoor platform is individually enclosed, thus creating the perfect make-out environment. You don’t have to hear what others are saying, you are protected from the gush of wind created by the oncoming trains and if you are at the south end where there is no entrance, you are virtually on your own. Enjoy!
2) Eglinton West, Track Overlook
Nothing spells R-O-M-A-N-C-E like the top of a subway car. The walkway between the North and Southbound tracks at Eglinton West provides just that, as the glass-enclosure allows you something to look at while you suck on your partner’s face. And being the first tunnel station on the southbound line, it opens the door to the obvious “enter-the-tunnel” joke for all those beefcake boyfriends.
3) Davisville Station, Northbound Exit
The Davisville Centre exit on the north end of Davisville Station may be the least used yet up-scale platform exit on the entire system. It is the perfect setting for an intimate after-hours getaway as the exit becomes virtually useless past business hours. This leaves just you and the surveillance camera with your own private paradise. Say Cheese!