Friday Film Face Off: Jackson in a Mess, Bernal Cross-Dressed.
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Friday Film Face Off: Jackson in a Mess, Bernal Cross-Dressed.

2005_01_14film.gifThey’ve made this movie a million times over, and they’ll make it again. Samuel L. Jackson will no doubt bring home the bacon when Coach Carter, yet another in the ‘whip these inner city kids into shape by showing there’s more to life than sports and violence’ genre, dribbles onto screens today. Meanwhile, a slightly less mainstream, but no less melodramatic offering from Pedro Almodovar, Bad Education, galumphs onto screen, replete with boy heartthrob du jour, Gael Garcia Bernal, in drag. What should you see? A wee quiz to help decipher today’s varied offerings.
1.Dangerous Minds, Stand and Deliver, Lean on Me are:
A. Such awesome movies. Thoroughly empowering, inspiring, uplifting and great. And that Michelle Pfeiffer is a fox.
B. Okay, but I wish there was more homoeroticism, cross-dressing, and men with high cheekbones. Also, Antonio Banderas. He’s a fox.
2. I like movies with lots of______:
A. Sports.
B. Sex.
3. Subtitles:
A. Wha?? No way. I go to movies to relax.
B. Sure, why not.
4. Pick one:
A. That Samuel L. Jackson is so good I don’t care if he phoned this one in.
B. That Gael Garcia Bernal is so dreamy I don’t care if he was called ‘mantiny’ in numerous gawker sightings.
Do you even need a key? Of course you don’t. Whatever your cinematic persuasion, enjoy!