Battle of the Francophiles
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Battle of the Francophiles

2004_12_02feist.jpg When France’s Parti Socialiste cast their influential vote on a new EU constitution last night, the 120,000 members had much to consider. While the vote could possibly determine the future of the European Union, the French Socialists had a relatively easy decision compared to tonight’s concert choices in Toronto.
2004_12_02kerenann.jpgBSS alumni Leslie Feist at the Phoenix Concert Theatre might seem like the obvious option (BSS, by the way, stands for Broken Social Scene, not Bishop Strachan School), but then that would overlook Keren Ann at the Drake Hotel. To settle this, Torontoist pits the two chanteuses in head-to-head, non-Parti Socialiste competition. Here are the results…

2004_12_02chacun.gifFeist is not really French – she comes from Canada. She sings in French though.
Keren Ann is not really French – she comes from Israel. She sings in French though.
Feist will play to a packed crowd at the Phoenix.
Keren Ann will play to a more relaxed crowd at the Drake.
Feist‘s last album was dope!
Keren Ann‘s last album was also dope.
At the Feist show, the audience will probably include local celebrities like Chris Murphy of Sloan.
At the Keren Ann show, the audience may include local celebrities, but not Chris Murphy of Sloan. If you are looking for him, he will be at the Feist show.
Feist is local, and she’ll be around.
Keren Ann is exotic, and she won’t be around.
Feist has probably the coolest dance moves on the planet.
Does Keren Ann even dance?
The winner? As the French Socialists like to say, “chacun son gout!”