Joined at the jowls
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Joined at the jowls

2004_12_03micro.gifTommy Douglas may be CBC’s Greatest Canadian but he wouldn’t make the top three in his own province. Heck, with the popularity of Canadian Idol runner-up, Theresa Sokyrka , he might be bumped another spot. At No. 3 would be a certain folk singer who attended Aden Bowman high school and whose paintings have been exhibited in Saskatoon’s Mendel Art Gallery. At No. 2, Floral, SK’s Mr. Hockey. And topping the list would be the province’s only prime minister, John Diefenbaker. Dief was a lovable character, who in 1958, led the Conservatives to the largest majority in Canadian history. The Chief shot from the hip and took no guff from pretty boy U.S. presidents with priveleged pasts; he once called JFK “a boastful sonofabitch.” (If he were alive today, he might even delight in playing a video game that allowed him to take potshots at a certain pink-pillbox wearing princess of Camelot.) His legacy in the land of the living skies is such that he has a lake named after him and recently had his 90-year-old boyhood homstead moved intact to Moose Jaw. Dief’s spiritual heir is another tough talker who likes to mouth off about the south. Mississauga MP Carolyn Parrish may be from the opposite end of the political spectrum, but she’s got J.D.’s moxie, not to mention his jowls (which would scare the feathers off of a turkey). After her infamous “coalition of the idiots” comments, she took to stomping on a George Bush doll on This Hour Has 22 Minutes and was promptly kicked out of the Liberal caucus. Now she’s decided to make a further ass out of herself by appearing on Global’s Train 48. Which is a shame since C.P. had an interesting political career going, even winning the largest nomination meeting in the history of Canadian politics in 1993. I guess this all means there will never be a Lake Carolyn. Parrish the thought.