A Pox on Your Film...Oh Wait!
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A Pox on Your Film…Oh Wait!

2004_12_10sars.gif‘Plague City: Sars in Toronto’ is currently being shot throughout the city. From the release:

“We started developing this project in the middle of the SARS crisis,” said Executive Producer Jon Slan. “For me, it was the first time Toronto appeared on the world stage, albeit infamously.”

So they’re saying that while the city was being ravaged by a terrible plague and tourist-frightening infamy, they were already writing the script for the killing and thrilling TV movie about said ravages. A thankfully brief insight into the minds of the people who make television movies.
The film will be a co-production between CTV and Slanted Wheel Entertainment. And air as part of CTV’s Signature Series. We’ll be washing our hair that night.
Of course, for all this jumping-the-tragedy-gun, TO’s Sars movie is still a long time coming. Hong Kong’s contribution to the burgeoning new genre, “City of Sars,” is already out on DVD. While we can rest assured that our local made for TV mess won’t traverse the dangerous waters of comedy, City of Sars was billed as a comedy-drama. From LoveHK Film’s review:

The last story plays like a comedy, and features Eric Tsang as Boss Hung, a blustery businessman who gets his comeuppance when SARS punches a hole in his pocket.

It’s SARS as plot device. Got a mean and unsavoury character to do away? Give him SARS, it’s much cheaper than a car chase.
And finally, let’s hope Plague City’s producers took into account the fact that their name is already an integral part of the Runescape, an online game that makes Torontoist feel well-adjusted just for not being being a participant.