2004: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
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2004: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Torontoist likes to make our own rules, so when it comes to year end lists and such, there are no rules. Along the lines of Torontoist’s kinda-sorta-best-of’s for 2004, while out and about we’ve noticed some good stuff, some bad stuff, and some damn near ugly stuff:
The Good:
Rediscovering Cheap – it’s out there, you just have to find it–on Queen West of course. $2.50 beers at The Queenshead, $3.99 Breakfasts at Still the Duke, and $3.50 lunch/dinner at New York Subs.
Jon Stewart– Possibly man of the year. On Crossfire, on Larry King, on 60 Minutes,on his own fabulous show — what’s not to love?
Warm and Fuzzy – The world has finally become such a terrible place that trends in many realms are making a turn for the wholesome, the positive, the optimism-inspiring . . .like all those annoying family-directed advertisements on TV, like the GREAT outpouring of relief and aid being sent to Southeast Asia, and you know, how Care Bears were a major “it” toy this Christmas (dammit! If we hadn’t sold our collection circa 1984 for pennies at a garage sale, Torontoist could probably make it rich on Ebay….)
Bill Clinton – Forgiven and not forgotten, Bill Clinton was the MAN this year. Big book deal, big surgery deal, big effort to save the Democrats, big flirt at a Toronto book signing with Toronto media-chicks, he’s unstoppable.
Summer – seems a world away from Toronto’s slush-infested streets now, but the Summer of ’04 was a looong and great one.
The Bad:
Our loss, no one’s gain – Stanley Cup finals in the Spring, but no hockey in the fall. The end of great television like Sex and the City and Friends (with no MAJOR prime time hits to replace them)–television is sad and lonely without all of the above.
Clone-trends– let’s see, among others, the worst trend HAS to be the Ugg boots(or cheap variation of)/overpriced jeans /fur trimmed jacket combo. Come on, you’ve seen em, girls hanging out at mall or on the street in groups, they all look the same. I mean they don’t look bad, don’t get me wrong, but come on kids, what happened to individuality??
Natural Disasters – the world has enough problems with man-made chaos and destruction, why the less fortunate have to get the worst of it all is just bad. And sad.
Sequels and Remakes – enough already! These things aren’t getting better…ie. Ocean’s 12, Survivor 4-5-6-7…, The Real Gilligan’s Island –you know what we’re talking about.
The Ugly:
Literally, ugly Fugly? this is a good thing, not a bad thing, but damned if we don’t love making fun of beautiful people looking bad!
Britney – Speaking of celebrity’s looking bad…Brit, what happened?! She took a trashy turn for the worst in 2004, even Britney-stalker Tbone of 1051am fame has stopped caring about her. Guess that’s what happens when you marry a skid, “take a break,” and start eating junkfood constantly, and pick up chainsmoking, and…and….
Viktor Yushchenko – wow, way to want to be President THAT bad! He, like Britney, was pretty hot once too.
U.S. Elections – wow, that was just ugly. ’nuff said.
Political Celebs – they’re ugly too. And annoying. And unnecessary.