Where have you gone, John Nunziata?
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Where have you gone, John Nunziata?

Parrish.jpgA chill wind blows through Toronto’s western suburbs this evening as Mississauguans come to terms with the fact that access to the Liberal pork barrel is no longer theirs to enjoy. Famed wild card MP, and apparent vodoun houngan, Carolyn Parrish has been pushed out of the Liberal Party gulfstream with an Acme anvil in her parachute sack.
While probably even the least politically-attuned citizen of Badger Rectum, SK was aware that Mme. Parrish’s hangin’ with the Liberals days were very much numbered, it was something of a surprise that her dismissal came not the day after she stuck her booted heel into a GW Bush doll, but rather the day after she decided to question her erstwhile boss and his qualities as a leader. After all, as Paul Wells noted with a good deal of satisfaction on tonight’s National, didn’t P.M., P.M. just spend the last four years preaching open revolt against his erstwhile boss?
The lesson we can all take away from this sad little story is that you can damn an entire country to hell on the steps of Parliament and get away with it, but as for picking on our mean and insecure Prime Minister? Well… As Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh said today: “There are limits to free speech.”