Theatre Thursday: Ye Gods!
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Theatre Thursday: Ye Gods!

There are three plays currently on stage in Toronto where actors play the roles of actual celebrities. According to the rule of three, that means it is officially a trend.
We’ve got Matt & Ben, over at the Poor Alex, where comediennes Jane Spence and Hilary Doyle act like actor Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, catering to the young folks who love to love-hate their fav celebs. Then, there’s The Rat Pack at the Canon Theatre, where a trio of thespians ressurrect 1960-era Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, and Frank Sinatra, catering to those who long for the segregation jokes of yore. And, finally and trend-entrenchingly, there’s A Couple of Blaguards, where a couple of actors pretend to be a couple of Irish-American writers named Frank and Malachy McCourt, catering to those who would read Angelas Ashes if it only took two hours and had more jokey jokes.
There’s two schools of thought here. One is that two and a half millennia after the Ancient Greeks did it we’ve gone back to depicting the stories of our Gods on stage. (Though, weve wisely abandoned the messy goat sacrifices.)
The other is that culture has been run through the Green Bin system and the compost is now being spread on the stages of Toronto.
Let’s be diplomatic and say its a little of column A and a little of column B.