Tall Poppy Interview - Antony Hare
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Tall Poppy Interview – Antony Hare

2004-11-29-antonyhare.jpgHalifax native Antony Hare now lives and works as an art director in Toronto, but he’s best known for his digital illustrations and ancient blog, both found at Siteway.com. Hare created Siteway in 1996, and started blogging on his site in May of 2000. He was blogging before people knew what blogging was, and certainly before it was cool.
Hare recently hosted his first art show at Brassaii on King and Spadina. The Siteway Portraits, Album 1, was an exhibit of his digital illustrations from 1999-2003. “I like the idea of the digital file,” he says. Since the illustration is stored as a series of equations describing the picture, it can be blown up to any size. Antony’s first illustrations was a series of philosophers starting with Immanuel Kant. He has since moved on to included illustrations of directors, musician, actors, and even animals
Hare has a lot on his plate for the new year; he’s writing and directing an animated film called The Final Straw, he’s starting a new blog about city life called Tonicville, and he will be hosting yet another art show.
Where do you live?
On a nice street in Parkdale.
How did you get started in the illustration business?
In Nottingham, in 1999, I bought my Wacom from eBay. I started drawing portraits of famous philosophers and posting them on Siteway. Been doing it ever since. Before that I had been drawing casually only. My first commercial illustration job was for Nerds On-Site, Inc. I drew their mascot.

What do you prefer: illustrations in print or on the monitor?
I like them both. Seeing them in print, especially big, is exciting because the drawings start out digitally.
Who are your Influences?
Al Hirschfeld, David Levine, Edward Sorel, Ralph Steadman, Roy Lichtenstein.
Do you love Toronto, or what?
Yes. I love it a lot.
Best bar in town?
I go to new places a lot. Recently I’ve been enjoying The Embassy on Augusta and the Beaconsfield on Beaconsfield.
Best place for sushi?
Fune. Sushi isn’t my favourite, but this place is the best.
If you could paint the CN Tower, what colour would you make it?
Similar shade, but in a high-gloss chrome.
If you could add/change one thing to Toronto what would it be?
More pedestrian-only areas.
Favourite Toronto concert?
Snow Patrol at Lee’s Palace, David Bowie at the ACC, both last April.
What’s this Final Straw thing all about?
It’s my latest project. It’s an animated film starring my private detective character, Matchstick. It’s going to be a story about temptation and keeping your soul in tact. I’m blogging about my experience writing, directing, and producing it on Phelts.