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Newsstand: October 1, 2014

The world’s oldest clown has died. Floyd "Creeky" Creekmore, was 98 years old. Even if you are deathly afraid of clowns, that is still sad to hear, isn’t it? In the news: Olivia Chow promises 3,000 more childcare spaces, Doug Ford and John Tory continue to sling mud at one another, security costs for the Pan Am Games could keep ballooning, a fatal streetcar collision, and two Sunrise Records locations are closing.


Newsstand: September 30, 2014

It is the last day of September, meaning Christmas music is coming to a mall PA system near you sooner than anyone wants. Because nothing says “Happy Halloween!” like a hearty chorus of “Jingle Bells.” In the news: Meet Doug Ford, art collector; a University of Toronto think tank believes transit should be a top concern for mayoral candidates; municipal election campaigns heat up; and more construction is coming to a road near you.


Weekend Newsstand: September 27, 2014

A Canadian man was allegedly caught at the Detroit-Windsor border trying to re-enter Canada with 51 live turtles strapped to his legs. We could spend hours on a witty headline, but we'll move things along and settle on, “Is that 51 turtles in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?” In the news: Rob Ford will attend Ford Fest, Toronto police take to Twitter to defend use of force, and GO Transit has no idea what dangerous materials are travelling along Metrolinx-owned railway corridors.


Newsstand: September 26, 2014

It's been days—days!—since anyone was escorted out of a mayoral debate or yelled a racial slur at a prominent local politician on TV. What a quiet week, right? Here's some news to get you to the weekend: James Forcillo will face both second-degree and attempted murder charges in Sammy Yatim’s death, area hospitals are connecting a mini baby boom with last year’s ice storm, and you should never trust a man in a bright green shirt on the Pape bus.


Newsstand: September 25, 2014

The return of Thursday. Not at all like the return of the Jedi. Nor like the return of the mack. There is your obscure '90s pop culture reference for the day! In the news: Doug Ford wants people to school John Tory in the ways of the working world, Doug Ford also distances himself from racist comments made by a campaign supporter, John Tory will not attend debates if Doug Ford won't be there, and drive-thru groceries in Richmond Hill.


Newsstand: September 24, 2014

Now that fall has officially arrived, so has cold and flu season. Raise your hand if breathing clearly is a distant memory, and a lingering cough is your new BFF right now! In the news: more money from the province for the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games, the TTC also could use some more money from the province to make subway stations fully accessible, a study shows that Torontonians really want to live in walkable neighbourhoods, and Elizabeth Dowdeswell is sworn in as lieutenant-governor.


Newsstand: September 23, 2014

According to Moody's Analytics, return of NHL hockey will noticeably boost to the Canadian economy due to job creation and spending stimulated by our nation’s pastime. Next time someone nags you about watching too much Coach's Corner, swiftly tell them that hockey helped contribute $4.5 billion to the Canadian economy last year—you’re just doing your part to keep the country thriving. In the news: local lawmakers ponder the legality of UberX, police will pilot test body cameras, Damian Abraham of Fucked Up will moderate a mayoral debate, and a Toronto mother claims a niqab-wearing school bus driver is a safety risk.


Newsstand: September 22, 2014

After we get through today, the weather promises to be warm for the rest of the week, so get all your work done today and enjoy the last of the summer. In the news this morning: 3,000 people marched in the Toronto portion of Sunday's global climate protest, Olivia Chow returns to her progressive roots, the PC leadership race is (kind of) off to a start, and the Word on the Street festival happened despite rain.


Weekend Newsstand: September 20, 2014

JFL42 launched this week. Is everybody laughing? If we don't laugh enough they'll sic the Just For Laughs Gags crew on the city, so everybody start enjoying yourselves. In the news today: John Tory takes a strong stand on Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, a U of T professor wins an international award, eat dinner to fix Toronto on October 7, and quit flushing so-called flushable wipes.


Newsstand: September 19, 2014

Last night voters in Scotland turned out in historic numbers and voted to stay in the U.K. But just because they didn't vote for independence, doesn't mean the story's over. There will likely be some major changes to the U.K. in the coming months and years. In more local news: Liberty Village residents are crowdfunding a new bus line, Toronto EMS will soon change its name, the Rob Ford musical opened last night, and if your pint of beer isn't 19.5 ounces, you can complain to your bartender for breaking the law.


Newsstand: September 18, 2014

As the world waits with bated breath to learn whether or not Scotland will become an independent country, one truth will remain unchanged no matter what the result—haggis is gross. In the news: Joe Pennachetti reminds incumbent councillors that their offices shall not be used for campaign purposes, the Rob Ford musical goes on as planned, the El Mocambo is closing, and the electronic voice on the new TTC streetcars could do with an elocution lesson.


Newsstand: September 17, 2014

After more than a year of displaying witty and inspirational messages in the front window of his home for passers-by to enjoy, the Atlas Avenue chalkboard guy has decided to hang up his chalk, and call it a day. We salute you, chalkboard guy! Thanks for the smiles! In the news: John Tory promises to ease gridlock through better road closure planning, Tory also makes promises for more cycling infrastructure, a sickly-looking coyote ambles through Scarborough Bluffs, and U of T takes a slight tumble in world ranks.


Newsstand: September 16, 2014

Apparently Kanye West yells at people in wheelchairs to get up and dance at his concerts. Naturally, because why wouldn’t being the genius voice of a generation entitle a person to berate his audience in the most obnoxious and insensitive way ever? Stay classy, Kanye. In the news: Giorgio Mammoliti is under police investigation, Doug Ford has a pretty awful council attendance record, Ontario Tories want a provincial leader who supports GTA issues, and PETA takes issue with the Blue Jays over wild animals used in recent photo ops.


Newsstand: September 15, 2014

Well, the stars are gone. Except for those few Canadian stars who hang around Toronto more or less year-round, but somehow their lustre just doesn't quite match the Brangelinas and the Kate Winslets who descend on the city in their designer gowns for a week at a time. In the (regular-people) news: a look at the man who will design the development replacing Honest Ed's, Andrea Horwath is fighting for her career, and the Fords weren't popular at a Sunday mayoral debate.


Weekend Newsstand: September 13, 2014

Mayor Rob Ford may go down in history as the only municipal politician to ever steal headlines away from TIFF. Somewhere, Cameron Bailey is angrily shaking his fist. In the news: Rob Ford is out of the mayoral race, and Doug Ford may or may not have long been a backup candidate; early polls indicate that Doug Ford is already a more popular mayoral candidate than his brother was; what the ballot switch means for Doug Ford’s campaign financing; and a Toronto teachers group complains about trustee Sam Sotiropoulos’s comments about transgender people.


Newsstand: September 11, 2014

As the federal NDP start to think about the 2015 election, the party has unveiled a new slogan: “Change that’s ready.” Underwhelming? Nonsensical? Inspiring? For once it would be nice for a slogan to reflect political reality, but there is less of a snappy ring to “We’re hoping you’ll let us keep our jobs.” In the news: The Toronto Region Board of Trade says that there is little place for politics in transit planning, tuition is on the rise, but the Ontario government says it isn’t a big deal, Hazel McCallion chairs her final council meeting, and an In-and-Out Burger pop-up shop.