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Newsstand: April 24, 2014

Why is it that so few decent songs have been written about Thursday? Monday is pretty well covered. Friday has a decent variety. What is so wrong with poor old Thursday? In the news: Adam Vaughan officially sets his sights on federal politics, Rob Ford rallies against travel expenses, there is no big pay raise in the cards for councillors, the pedestrian tunnel to the island airport will be delayed … again, and the Gardiner will be closed this weekend.


Newsstand: April 23, 2014

So, what did you do to mark Earth Day, yesterday? Nothing? Not even a Happy Earth Day card for your favourite tree? In the news: John Tory wants to be the man who planted trees, a recent study about aboriginal mortality rates in Toronto was misrepresented in the media, a woman finds a snake in her bathroom and wonders how it got there, and Flashdance—yes, that Flashdance—was inspired by Toronto and Hamilton.


Newsstand: April 17, 2014

So, on Monday a Nebraska toddler got stuck in one of those claw-style toy vending machine games. No, you read that right. That actually happened. In slightly less awesome news: Open Streets will happen this summer, a new zoning law could allow small businesses to open up within apartment towers, electronic joints may not be safe to smoke, and the who’s who of city councillors running for re-election this fall.


Weekend Newsstand: April 12, 2014

It is a little-known fact that the earth stopped spinning for 0.05 seconds yesterday due to the high-pitched screams emitted from Marvel fangirls when they realized Robert Downey Jr. had joined Twitter. In the news: a state funeral for Jim Flaherty will take place next week, a possible closure of the northbound Allen Expressway is back on the table, Karen Stintz wants traffic lights to get "smarter" by using artificial intelligence, and Norm Kelly goes to Taiwan.


Newsstand: April 10, 2014

While Prince George was having a play date in New Zealand, a nine-month-old baby was being arrested for attempted murder in Pakistan. Now that you’re all caught up on infant headlines from around the globe, here is the news: a smartphone app to pay for parking is in the works, the City dishes out political donation rebates for non-Toronto residents, the TDSB votes against asking for a nudity ban at this year’s Pride Parade, and some radioactive stuff goes missing from Sunnybrook.


Newsstand: April 8, 2014

Only time will tell whether the Rob Ford Crackathon game will become the Drugwars of a new generation. In the news: Open Streets might transform Bloor Street this summer, new finance minister Joe Oliver chats with some old Bay Street chums, a transportation consultant from Great Britain schools Toronto on public transit, and a film based on an infamous Mississauga murder heads straight to VOD.