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Pape Station to Close for a 12-Day Renovation Blitz in August

Pape Station’s troubled renovation effort may finally get back on track next month. The TTC has announced a 12-day closure, set to last from August 19 to 30, that’s expected to speed up the project to the point where most of the construction will be finished by October. While Pape Station is closed, no trains […]

Extra, Extra: Popsicles, Pools, and the Pan Am Games

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss. This hot, humid day is a perfect time to revisit one of Torontoist‘s few forays into scientific research. A couple summers ago, we decided

The CRTC Orders Bell Not to Increase the Price of a Payphone Call

Some would argue that the very concept of public payphones is obsolete, but they’re still a hot topic at the CRTC. Today, the communications regulator announced that it’s rejecting a request from Bell for permission to hike the cash price of a local call from 50 cents to as much as a dollar. Bell made […]

Extra, Extra: Buyouts, Resignations, and Crookies

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss. The analysts are weighing in on the just-announced Loblaw/Shoppers Drug Mart buyout. Consensus: it’s at least partly about capturing the urban market.

NDP Riding Association Questions Eligibility of Voters in Scarborough-Guildwood Nomination

The leadership of the provincial Scarborough-Guildwood New Democratic Party riding association is concerned that more than a third of those who voted in its recent nomination meeting—held to select a candidate for the byelection being held on August 1—were not properly registered to vote. Yesterday, they sent a letter to the provincial party secretary, registering […]

This is How to Find a Good, Shared Apartment in Toronto

Toronto’s rental housing market is tough, especially for a student on a tight budget. One way of saving some money is to move in with housemates, but how does an out-of-towner with few Toronto connections manage that? Some move into sketchy, semi-legal rooming houses. Some luck out on Craigslist. Hugh Podmore, a 22-year-old McGill graduate […]

Toronto Fringe Festival 2013: Plays We Love So Far

We should have known that the 25th-annual Toronto Fringe Festival would be one for the books. Now, after almost one week of theatre-going, beer-tenting, and underground dancing, the Torontoist team has put the fest to the test, to see which plays shone like diamonds in the rough. We were pleasantly surprised with the results. Below, […]

Public Works: Learn the Nasty Stuff About a Building Before You Move In

Public Works looks at public space, urban design, and city-building innovations from around the world, and considers what Toronto might learn from them. You can’t believe your luck. The place is spacious, it’s clean, it’s right in your preferred neighbourhood, and the rent is reasonable. Even the landlord seems pleasant, by Toronto standards. (“Apartment available. […]

The Hidden Film Festival Keeps its Lineup Under Wraps

When was the last time you went to the movies without knowing what was on? Probably never. Indeed, these days, because of the power and reach of multimillion-dollar movie promotion campaigns, you’re lucky if you don’t know the plot from start to finish before you get comfy in your theatre seat. The Hidden Film Festival, […]

The Calgary Stamp-AID Fundraiser

There are a lot of comedians and performers in Toronto who hail from Calgary, especially performers who started out improvising at the Loose Moose Theatre. (The theatre is on dry ground, but cancelled a string of shows due to road conditions during the recent flooding.) Many of those alumni are banding together for The Calgary […]

Cops Are Tops at the 2013 Pug Awards

It was a good evening for the Toronto Police Service under the tent at Scrivener Square on Wednesday. Stantec Architecture’s design for the new 11 Division building (above) won two honours at the 2013 Pug Awards, which recognized buildings completed in 2012. The public voted the new police station the best project in the Commercial/Institutional […]

The Kensington Market Walmart’s Developer Speaks

Not so long ago, Kensington Market’s nightmare scenario was that a Starbucks would open up somewhere within its borders, but now that notion seems kind of quaint. Starbucks is a moderately reviled emblem of corporate fakery, but Walmart, now angling to open on Kensington’s western border, is something else entirely. Walmart, the thinking goes, doesn’t […]

Youth-Oriented Shows Make a Strong Showing at the 2013 Dora Awards

Monday night’s 34th-annual Dora Mavor Moore Awards for Toronto theatre were, as Toronto Alliance for Performing Arts Executive Director Jacoba Knaapen said towards the end, “the fastest ceremony in the last eighteen years.” It may have been that the organizers wanted to keep things succinct, or it may just have been that the ceremony was […]

What Shall We Do With The Gardiner?

After a three-year hiatus, city council has ordered staff to resume work on looking at the long-term future of the Gardiner Express—specifically, the portion of it that runs east from Jarvis Street to the Don River. The gallery above gives a look at the various alternatives being considered, ranging from a restoration of the current […]