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Jazz Jam @ Berkeley Street Theatre

Here’s a pretty star-studded musical event that you won’t want to miss. Berkeley Street Theatre’s holding a Jazz Jam which includes a few names that you might be familiar with. Performers include some of the members of Caribou as well as Pick a Piper, who’ll be doing a DJ set with live musicians. The entry […]

Sound Advice: I by Fresh Snow

Anaesthetics and painkillers are so omnipresent in modern medicine that it’s easy to forget how important they’ve been to the advancement of surgical science. It’s hard for any of us to appreciate how borderline miraculous it is that a dentist can give an easy injection and then drill into a rotten tooth or live nerve […]

Extra, Extra: Another Taiwanese Animation, a SkyDome, and a Durian

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss. Man, once those Taiwanese animators catch a whiff of blood, they never quit. Taiwan’s Next Media Animation already has two computer-generated videos about Mayor Rob Ford‘s crack scandal in its back catalog, and now here’s a third. This […]