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Extra, Extra: Subways, Driver’s Licences, and Very Old Houses

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss. So, even the Toronto Sun‘s editorial board is now on record as saying that replacing the Scarborough RT with a subway extension is kind of a dumb idea. Who actually wants this thing?

Shopping at Toronto’s New Hells Angels Store

If you’re unaccustomed to entering unmarked storefronts, the Hells Angels retail store, now open in Leslieville, at 98 Carlaw Avenue, is unsettling. The closed plastic blinds make it impossible to see what’s going on inside. From the outside, the only indication of activity is a glowing neon “open” sign and the number “81” (the numerical […]

Toronto Public Library Now Lets Users Download Free Magazines

Here’s a little good news to start your Friday: there’s no longer any need to pay for The Economist. (Unless, that is, you want a paper copy.) That’s because Toronto Public Library is giving users a new way of downloading current issues of more than 300 different magazines.


ARTATTACK! is an annual auction to benefit Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Attendees can bid on artwork from up-and-coming artists, in both live and silent auctions. To spice things up, the night will be hosted by cabaret artist Shawn Hitchins, with appearances from Belle Jumelles, Johnny B Good, The Yes-Men, and many more.

TIFF Short Films Get Longer Exposure on YouTube

The most popular film so far at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival didn’t open with a red carpet and has no Oscar buzz. Noah is the debut short from recent Ryerson grads Walter Woodman and Patrick Cederberg, and it’s been seen by over 220,000 people in the past three days. This is thanks to […]

What to Catch on Toronto Stages This Fall

Let’s face it: everything’s the worst when it’s so hot outside it feels like you’re walking through the inside of a mouth. It’s not surprising that more than a few of us are happy to see the signs of fall arrive—things like pumpkin lattes, chunky wool sweaters, and, of course, the theatre. Ah yes, the […]


Clif Prowse, Derek Lee (Canada/USA, Midnight Madness) SCREENINGS: Monday, September 9, 11:59 p.m. Ryerson Theatre (43 Gerrard Street East) Wednesday, September 11, 8:45 p.m. Scotiabank 9 (259 Richmond Street West) In the enjoyable but over-familiar horror mockumentary Afflicted, best friends Clif Prowse and Derek Lee (playing themselves) strap on their GoPro video cameras and embark […]

Ai Weiwei Skypes with the AGO

When visiting an Ai Weiwei exhibit, it’s appropriate to document your experience on social media. Known as a prolific tweeter (and a prolific blogger, before his site was shut down by the Chinese government in 2009), Ai is one of the world’s most vocal proponents of the internet as a tool for social good. So […]

TIFF 2013 Survival Guide: Where to Eat on the Cheap

Sure, you could spend all your discretionary TIFF money eating at fancy places, hoping you see Mila Kunis getting sauce on her dress or Benedict Cumberbatch sending back his appetizer, but let’s be really honest: you probably can’t afford it. And even if you could, wouldn’t you rather spend that money paying people to wait […]

TIFF 2013 Survival Guide: How to Avoid TIFF

If you haven’t heard that the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival begins this Thursday, then congratulations! You have no need of the rest of this post. Many Torontonians look forward to the annual 10-day extravaganza of star-stalking, party-going, and popcorn-eating (and some really, really look forward to it). Not everybody does, though. Out there is […]

TIFF 2013 Survival Guide: Picking Films and Getting Tickets

The hugeness of the Toronto International Film Festival is its defining trait. From its physical sprawl across Toronto’s downtown core, to its almost obscenely stacked guest list to, of course, its seemingly endless schedule of never-before-seen films, it’s a cinephile’s ultimate playground—and an intimidating one at that. Here are some ways to get the most […]

The Rep Gets Its Second Run

For a documentary that elegizes the shrinking North American repertory cinema scene, The Rep is making the most of online distribution methods. Originally conceived as a web series about the ill-fated—and dubiously financed—Toronto Underground Cinema, the film is being made available via iTunes and VOD starting today, September 3. The release will make a worthy […]

TEDxToronto 2013

By now, you’re probably familiar with TED Talks. An independently organized Toronto edition, TEDxToronto, is back for another year. This time, the theme is “The Choices We Make.” Above, you can see a clip from one of this year’s speakers, Steph Guthrie, who was also one of our 2012 “hero” nominees. The whole event will […]

Do Toronto’s Payphones Have a Future?

Picture this: a huge storm hits Toronto, the power’s out, and there’s no cell phone service. You need to make a vital call, but all the usual communications mediums are down. There’s nothing else to do but head for the nearest payphone. If you can find one. This scenario isn’t all that outlandish. It actually […]