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The Kensington Market Walmart’s Developer Speaks

Not so long ago, Kensington Market’s nightmare scenario was that a Starbucks would open up somewhere within its borders, but now that notion seems kind of quaint. Starbucks is a moderately reviled emblem of corporate fakery, but Walmart, now angling to open on Kensington’s western border, is something else entirely. Walmart, the thinking goes, doesn’t […]

Youth-Oriented Shows Make a Strong Showing at the 2013 Dora Awards

Monday night’s 34th-annual Dora Mavor Moore Awards for Toronto theatre were, as Toronto Alliance for Performing Arts Executive Director Jacoba Knaapen said towards the end, “the fastest ceremony in the last eighteen years.” It may have been that the organizers wanted to keep things succinct, or it may just have been that the ceremony was […]

What Shall We Do With The Gardiner?

After a three-year hiatus, city council has ordered staff to resume work on looking at the long-term future of the Gardiner Express—specifically, the portion of it that runs east from Jarvis Street to the Don River. The gallery above gives a look at the various alternatives being considered, ranging from a restoration of the current […]

I Want Your Job: Graeme Dymond, Legoland Master Model Builder

I Want Your Job finds Torontonians who make a living doing exactly what they love to do, in any field, and for any salary, and asks them how they did it. If you think playing with Lego is strictly for children, think again. Graeme Dymond is Canada’s first master model builder at Vaughan’s Legoland Discovery […]

Why Isn’t Crowdfunding Working for Toronto’s Food Industry?

Ashley Jacot De Boinod did everything right when she was trying to get her doughnut business off the ground. She kept costs low by renting a shared commercial kitchen space. She gained an almost rabid following for her handmade gourmet pastries, cheekily called Glory Hole Doughnuts. She sold her doughnuts wholesale in coffee shops and […]

Pape Station’s Long-Delayed Renovation is Delayed Even More

Commuters who have been waiting years for the delay-plagued modernization project at Pape Station to end are going to have to wait a little longer. The TTC announced today that plans to close the station for a 12-day renovation blitz have been postponed because of a strike by the Terazzo, Tile, and Marble Guild of […]

At a Packed Meeting, Kensington Market Says “No” to Walmart

There’s no doubt the City was expecting a fight at Thursday’s community consultation on a developer’s plan to build a three-storey shopping centre near Kensington Market’s western border. Even so, the size of the crowd was beyond anyone’s expectations. Inside the College Street United Church, people spilled out around the pews, into the lobby, and […]

Sporting Goods: The Toronto Underwater Hockey Club

Sports coverage tends to focus on major league teams, but every day in Toronto people make fun (and sometimes wacky) activities an important part of their lives. Sporting Goods looks at some of these. When Roy Hulli climbs out of the pool, it takes him a few seconds before he notices a couple of scrapes he recently […]

Time Weighs in on Mayor Rob Ford’s Drug Scandal

Mayor Rob Ford’s crack scandal has been working the edges of the major New York news magazines practically from the moment Gawker broke the story. New York magazine’s Daily Intelligencer blog has been following developments closely and the New Yorker had an online-only article last week. Now Time magazine has joined in. The article, by […]

Historicist: William Fleming, National Checkers Champ

One wintry day in March 1904, an elderly gentleman with a bushy mustache watched a dozen young railroaders squaring off at checkers boards at the Railway Y.M.C.A. at Main Street and Gerrard Street East. Invited to join in a game, the gentleman at first demurred, saying he was too out of practice, before sitting down […]

Extra, Extra: All Rob Ford, All the Time

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss. Mayor Rob Ford’s crack scandal continues to fascinate the world. Yesterday, the story made the New Yorker‘s website. The online-only article, by Adam Gopnik, compares Ford to Shakespeare’s Falstaff.

Public Works: Opening Up Our Data

Public Works looks at public space, urban design, and city-building innovations from around the world, and considers what Toronto might learn from them. Everyone’s talking about data these days. And while it may be disconcerting to think that your drunken Facebook likes and late-night Google searches are lurking like reputational time bombs in secret Californian […]

Gawker Says There Has Been “No Movement” From the Seller of Mayor Rob Ford’s Crack Video

After successfully capping off the “Rob Ford Crackstarter,” an online fundraising campaign intended to pay for a video that supposedly shows Mayor Rob Ford smoking from a crack pipe, Gawker editor John Cook says he’s still having difficulty getting in touch with the person who offered to sell him the video in the first place.