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New DineSafe iPhone App Caters to the Germaphobe in All of Us

There are things about your favourite restaurants that you’re probably better off not knowing. These are things that cling to the unwashed hands of line cooks—things that hide in the pantry and nibble on the muffins. Nobody really wants to find out that the tanginess in their go-to takeout dish is actually the product of […]

Public Works: The Subway Supermarket

Sick of beef jerky and Skittles for dinner, but too tired for shopping after work? What if there were a service that let you order your groceries while commuting, so you could have them delivered when you get home? That’s what online grocer Peapod is doing in the United States. Last year they set up […]

The Rob Ford Radio Recap: “Family Time”

Last week, Family Day kept us from our favourite political family (the Fords), because the show wasn’t on-air. But this week is going to be different. We’re going to hear Doug’s confident financial know-how, and Rob’s reliably creaky 1 p.m. Sunday voice. It’s going to be so great, you guys.

How To Become a Gambling Addict in Five Easy Steps

When many of us try to conjure an image of gambling addiction, what comes to mind is a long descent and longer aftermath, a slow process of getting sucked in over years. It can happen much more quickly though: for some, one big win is all it takes to spark a full-blown gambling addiction. Much […]

How Toronto Educators Are Leading the Fight for Kids’ “Eco-Literacy”

It’s well below zero and the children of Blessed Sacrament elementary are being foxes, slinking gleefully along a frigid trail that coils through half-frozen ponds, pausing to scrutinize a log gnawed by beavers. “Tomorrow’s the last day of school before winter break,” says Alexandra Adam, their teacher. She smiles expansively. “This is the perfect thing […]

What Does Kathleen Wynne’s Throne Speech Mean for Toronto?

Ontario’s legislature is back in session, and kicked off this afternoon with new premier Kathleen Wynne’s first speech from the throne. Delivered by Lieutenant Governor David Onley, the speech was Wynne’s attempt to set a more collaborative tone than has characterized Queen’s Park lately—crucial if the minority Liberals are to retain their hold on government […]

Extra, Extra: Bixi, Bad Debts, and Conrad Black

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss. Vice reporter Sean Craig went to the Bridle Path to visit Conrad Black. Mostly, they talked about why Henry Kissinger should have been able to visit the Baron of Crossharbour in jail without the impediment of a glass […]

Newmindspace Launches Speakeasy—and They Hope, a New Way to Throw Parties

First there were giant pillow fights and neighbourhood-wide games of capture the flag. Now, the social-butterflies-slash-event-organizers of Newmindspace are launching what they describe as no less than “a vision for the future of partying.” Called Speakeasy, it’s a social network that hopes to match party-throwers with party-goers via a web app that allows people to […]

Connections Found in Do You Want What I Have Got?

Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata Factory Studio Theatre (125 Bathurst Street) January 30 to March 3, 8 p.m. PWYC to $47 If you think you spend too much time idly browsing Craigslist to see what odd ads you come across (and hey, we’re not judging), imagine the recent life of […]

Make a Game at Night, Get Fired in the Morning

It’s really only been a few years since the social web has become ubiquitous, and the growing pains are still apparent in what has already become an all-too-familiar story: an employee mouths off about their job, are found out, and summarily dismissed. There are at least two sides in every conflict. In this particular kind […]

Extra, Extra: No More Pennies, Twice as Many Floating Rectangles

Every weekday’s end, Extra, Extra collects just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss. You already know this if you’ve visited Google even once today, but the penny is now officially out of circulation. They’ll be collected and melted down. One day our children will ask why all prices end in […]

Preserving Our Indie-Music Heritage

A new online database called the Ontario Independent Music Archive (OIMA) will allow music by independent bands from across the province to live in perpetuity. At least, that’s the goal. While it may still be a long way away from having every independent recording in Ontario music history, OIMA—which had its official launch party at […]

Are You Feeling Congested? Tell the City of Toronto How to Improve Your Commute

Toronto does not have a good track record when it comes to building new transit. We have been presented with more maps, brightly coloured lines optimistically stretching in all directions, than we can count. We have started projects, dug holes, and then filled them in again. We have signed agreements, ripped them up, and then […]