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TIFF 2013 Survival Guide: Where to Eat on the Cheap

Sure, you could spend all your discretionary TIFF money eating at fancy places, hoping you see Mila Kunis getting sauce on her dress or Benedict Cumberbatch sending back his appetizer, but let’s be really honest: you probably can’t afford it. And even if you could, wouldn’t you rather spend that money paying people to wait […]

TIFF 2013 Survival Guide: How to Avoid TIFF

If you haven’t heard that the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival begins this Thursday, then congratulations! You have no need of the rest of this post. Many Torontonians look forward to the annual 10-day extravaganza of star-stalking, party-going, and popcorn-eating (and some really, really look forward to it). Not everybody does, though. Out there is […]

TIFF 2013 Survival Guide: Picking Films and Getting Tickets

The hugeness of the Toronto International Film Festival is its defining trait. From its physical sprawl across Toronto’s downtown core, to its almost obscenely stacked guest list to, of course, its seemingly endless schedule of never-before-seen films, it’s a cinephile’s ultimate playground—and an intimidating one at that. Here are some ways to get the most […]

The Rep Gets Its Second Run

For a documentary that elegizes the shrinking North American repertory cinema scene, The Rep is making the most of online distribution methods. Originally conceived as a web series about the ill-fated—and dubiously financed—Toronto Underground Cinema, the film is being made available via iTunes and VOD starting today, September 3. The release will make a worthy […]

TEDxToronto 2013

By now, you’re probably familiar with TED Talks. An independently organized Toronto edition, TEDxToronto, is back for another year. This time, the theme is “The Choices We Make.” Above, you can see a clip from one of this year’s speakers, Steph Guthrie, who was also one of our 2012 “hero” nominees. The whole event will […]

Do Toronto’s Payphones Have a Future?

Picture this: a huge storm hits Toronto, the power’s out, and there’s no cell phone service. You need to make a vital call, but all the usual communications mediums are down. There’s nothing else to do but head for the nearest payphone. If you can find one. This scenario isn’t all that outlandish. It actually […]

A 2013 Fan Expo Postmortem

Thursday: It Begins The show started off bumpy. Volunteers were having trouble getting into the convention. It turned out that, for some reason, there simply weren’t enough passes printed yet. Some volunteers who made it in reported that there were, in fact, paying attendees and even exhibitors who had pre-purchased badges and who weren’t yet […]

Jazz Jam @ Berkeley Street Theatre

Here’s a pretty star-studded musical event that you won’t want to miss. Berkeley Street Theatre’s holding a Jazz Jam which includes a few names that you might be familiar with. Performers include some of the members of Caribou as well as Pick a Piper, who’ll be doing a DJ set with live musicians. The entry […]

Sound Advice: I by Fresh Snow

Anaesthetics and painkillers are so omnipresent in modern medicine that it’s easy to forget how important they’ve been to the advancement of surgical science. It’s hard for any of us to appreciate how borderline miraculous it is that a dentist can give an easy injection and then drill into a rotten tooth or live nerve […]