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A Hip-Hop Cain and Abel and the Journey of a Queer Single Mom

Gangsta rap and Philippines folk dance have taken over Buddies in Bad Times. Toronto’s ever-inclusive LGBT theatre is currently hosting a pair of solo shows from the black-diaspora-serving b current company: a gritty “hip hopera” by Sébastien Heins and a saucy slice of autobiography by self-described “Filipino-Spanish-Chinese-Indian queer single mom” Catherine Hernandez. The two pieces […]

City Council Endorsement: JP Boutros for Ward 16 (Eglinton-Lawrence)

It is fair to say that Torontoist is not, historically, a huge fan of Karen Stintz—the outgoing councillor for Ward 16, former mayoral candidate, and probable future board member at many major corporations/lobbyist/other high-tone well-paying job you get when you are a former centre-right politician who needs to be taken care of. Her multiple bunglings […]

Where Are Our Spaces for Public Play?

In the summer of 2008, Funland Arcade, arguably the last proper arcade in downtown Toronto, closed down. The writing had been on the wall for a while: arcades were past their heyday, usurped by home machines—consoles that looked and played as well as or better than the games arcades offered. Once, arcade machines were readily […]

Script Tease

For one special night, the arts of playwriting and improv will settle their differences and come together for your entertainment. This edition of Script Tease is honouring the finalists of The Siminovitch Prize for Theatre. Each one will write a few lines of a new play, seal it in an envelope, and pass it off […]

Understanding Metrolinx

Transit often seems to be the all-consuming issue in Toronto. It’s impossible to live here without griping about the lines we haven’t built, our inability to pay for new transit, and how annoying it is to wait forever for a streetcar and then have three show up at the same time. But wait! We have […]

The Great Halloween Roundup 2014

For some of us, Halloween is not one day, but a month-long festivity. Since we’d hate for you to miss a moment of the action, we’ve compiled some of the best film screenings, ghost walks, parties, and general hallowed awesomeness that’s going on in our city. Whether gore and guts are part of your daily […]

What We Loved (and Didn’t Love) at Nuit Blanche 2014

This past Saturday night saw the ninth annual Nuit Blanche. This might be news to you if (a) you are just getting back from a long trip overseas, (b) you have been trying to avoid any general awareness of the annual event because of a fear of crowds, or (c) you can’t really remember what […]