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Exhibiting Lawren Harris

Lawren Harris has long drawn attention to the Art Gallery of Ontario. While The Idea of North exhibition that opens this weekend may claim as much interest for Steve Martin’s curatorial role as the works themselves, back in 1948 the gallery (then known as the Art Gallery of Toronto) deemed Harris worthy of being the […]

The Torontoist Guide to Losing Your Pride Virginity

Pride can be a bit overwhelming your first time out. There’s the month-long, jam-packed official calendar, which starts with a flag-raising ceremony and stretches on for an entire month. Every major institution in the city, from TIFF to the TSO, is getting in on the action. All your friends are RSVPing to different events on […]

Get to Know Scotland’s Royalty in The James Plays at Luminato Festival

The James Plays Trilogy Hearn Generating Station (440 Unwin Avenue) Runs to June 26 Tickets: $39 and up James I: The Key Will Keep the Lock James II: Day of the Innocents James III: The True Mirror When you have an industrial venue, you need industrial-strength theatre. That’s what we get with The James Plays, […]

Talking Pride Over Pints

My editors at Torontoist have asked me to write a Pride-themed beer column this week. I’m not unfamiliar with the subject, being a rather open lesbian who has written somewhat broadly about LGBTQ representation in the craft beer scene, but the subject felt tiring this time around. While I’m consistently vocal about such issues, there […]

Local Ladies Who Make Us Laugh in 2016

A veteran stand-up comic, and an emerging one; a puppeteer (and emerging improviser); a character comic and singer, and a sketch writer, performer, and impresario. There’s a wide variety of talent in this year’s edition of Local Ladies Who Make Us Laugh (#LLWMUL on Twitter), and while they perform all over the city (and the […]

Toronto Police Apology for Bathhouse Raids is Too Little, Too Late

When you need a good photo-op, some palatable sound bites, and a little bit of cheap social currency, apologize to the gay community. Apologizing to the gays is the hottest look this season. Wrapping your institution in a rainbow flag is in. You’ll look progressive, and it’ll help you slim down some of the more […]

A Close Reading of Joe Warmington’s 1994 Billy Ray Cyrus Biography

It’s fascinating to watch an artist’s familiar themes emerge in their early work. It’s rare—and exciting—to find an artist who was born fully formed. Buried at the Toronto Reference Library and available to anyone brave enough to ask, a forgotten 1994 tome called The Cyrus Virus: A Dreamer’s Meteoric Rise to Stardom: The Billy Ray […]

Where Police Academy Was Filmed in Toronto

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny.

Theatre: Soulpepper’s Thought-Provoking Incident at Vichy

Incident at Vichy Young Centre for the Performing Arts (50 Tank House Lane) Runs to June 23 Tickets: $32 – $94 Do we really need to see yet another Holocaust drama? Yes, if the drama is less concerned with the historical details of that monumental tragedy and instead bent on figuring out why it happened. […]

What’s On Tap At Ontario Craft Beer Week

Get ready to show a little provincial pride, because today kicks off a nine-day celebration of Ontario beer with the arrival of Ontario Beer Week. Put on by the Ontario Craft Brewers, an organization with more than 150 breweries as active members, Ontario Craft Beer Week gives local breweries their time to shine. It’s a […]

What It’s Like Inside Toronto’s Bathhouses

It’s no hard task to find gay bathhouses in this city, if you know where to look. Follow the smell of chlorine down an alleyway in the Church-Wellesley Village, pass through a set of heavy metal doors and up a flight of stairs, and there is Steamworks. Go a few blocks south and there is […]

Queer History Onstage: Body Politic at Buddies in Bad Times

Body Politic Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (12 Alexander Street) Runs to June 12 Tickets: PWYC – $37 Buddies in Bad Times has been hitting the history books this season. First there was the reprise of The Gay Heritage Project, then a visit from those 20th-century queer icons Stein and Toklas—Gertrude and Alice—and now the […]