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Torontoist Explains: City Council Revenue Tools

I won’t call them revenue tools. I think that’s a misnomer. We have to have more taxes or fees to offset the cost of government. —John Campbell (Ward 4, Etobicoke Centre) John Campbell is right. A “revenue tool” is just any way the City can bring in more money. Using “revenue tool” may circumvent that […]

Cowboy Versus Samurai, Ernest Versus Ernestine

Cowboy Versus Samurai The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine Young Centre for the Performing Arts (50 Tank House Lane) Both shows run to Feb. 20 Tickets: $25-$60 Cowboy Versus Samurai. It sounds like one of those movie-genre mashups. Either that or a film studies course comparing Akira Kurosawa and Sergio Leone. In fact, it’s the […]

Sound Advice: Shan Vincent de Paul, Tory Lanez

#ICYMI, a roundup of noteworthy musical happenings in the city some call The 6ix. SVDP: The Sri Lanka born, Toronto-based Shan Vincent de Paul (SVDP) is set to release his new album sometime this spring. In the meantime, the artist and director is dropping music left and right, most notably tracks “Die Iconic” and “Thank […]

Relief Line: The Torontoist Cocktail Menu

Relief Line is your not-so-serious glance at the city we love. If prices are any indication, Toronto has a burgeoning cocktail scene. There’s a sophisticated artistry to these elaborate drinks, and they’re made with thought and care. But what are the definitive Toronto cocktails, the ones that speak to the hot-buttered heart and smokey soul […]

Reel Toronto — Room

It’s been a few years since Toronto could lay some real claim to Oscar gold but we’ve got a good chance this year. Last time out we profiled the set-in-Boston Spotlight, nominated for six Oscars. But Room, with four of its own, has even greater Toronto cred. An Irish-Canadian co-production, it was filmed here and […]

A Hot Winter’s Tale on the Danforth

The Winter’s Tale Coal Mine Theatre (1454 Danforth Avenue) Runs to Feb. 20 Tickets: $20-$35 Imagine a superb Shakespeare production at the Stratford Festival’s 487-seat Tom Patterson Theatre, relocated to a cozy 102-seat room in a converted retail space on Danforth Avenue. That should give you some idea of the concentrated effect of The Winter’s […]

Historicist: Get Rid of Those Sideburns!

In March of 1969, the National Ballet of Canada premiered its production of Grant Strate‘s Cyclus. Howard Marcus, one of the company’s most promising young dancers, was conspicuously absent from the premiere, and the Toronto newspapers soon revealed the reason why: artistic director Celia Franca refused to allow Marcus to perform on the grounds that […]

I Want Your Job: Alixe Campbell, Financial Crime Fighter

Forget Breaking Bad or Goodfellas—if you want the real scoop on money laundering schemes, talk to Alixe Campbell. She can tell you how an innocent-looking ATM can be repurposed to scrub dirty cash, and how international cartels get their ill-gotten earnings in and out of banks. How? Because she spends her days working against those […]

Public Works: Converting Bathrooms to Bars

Public Works looks at public space, urban design, and city-building innovations from around the world, and considers what Toronto might learn from them. Toronto’s perpetually expanding bar scene has produced some creative space takeovers. There are the bank-cum-pub setups at the Irish Embassy on Yonge, or the Banknote at King West and Bathurst. The Communist’s Daughter, […]

Game of Thrones Actors Have a Gas with Victorian Thriller

Gaslight Ed Mirvish Theatre (244 Victoria Street) Runs to Feb. 28 Tickets: $35-$119 Elle Theatre Passe Muraille (16 Ryerson Avenue) Runs to Jan. 31 Tickets: $17-$38 Warning: If you haven’t seen the fifth season of Game of Thrones, avert your eyes from the following paragraph.

Inherent Weisse: Fighting Sexism in the Craft Beer World

When Christina Coady, brewer at Folly Brewpub, set out last week to write a blog post to enlist volunteers to brew a special beer with her on International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day in March (with proceeds of the beer’s eventual sales going to the Working Women Community Centre), she first thought about why a day […]

Reel Toronto: Spotlight

‘Tis the season of the Oscars and it’s been a while since our fair city had such a prominent role. Room was not only shot here, but it won the coveted audience award at TIFF. Spotlight, another multiple nominee, despite being awash in the Boston-ness of its setting, was also largely filmed here. Not since […]

All of the 2016 Next Stage Theatre Festival, Reviewed

The Next Stage Theatre Festival
 Factory Theatre (125 Bathurst Street)
 January 7–18 $10 (Antechamber), $15 (Main/Studio) The curated winter version of the Toronto Fringe Festival (not to worry, the shows are all indoors, and the beer tent is heated), the Next Stage Theatre Festival is a mix of artist and shows who’ve previously impressed at […]