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Historicist: The Rise and Fall of Daniel Webster Clendenan

In 1882 an ambitious young lawyer named Daniel Webster Clendenan purchased 240 acres of land in a community which would soon come to be known as the Junction. As the area developed Clendenan became one of the Junction’s most prominent early citizens, and eventually the town’s first mayor. Ten years later, however, rumours of problems […]

Consensus: Rob Ford’s Remarks Don’t Bring This to a Close

Earlier today Rob Ford broke eight days of silence regarding allegations that he’d been captured on video smoking what appears to be crack cocaine, convening a press conference to address the matter. He read from a prepared statement and took no questions, and as soon as he was done councillors from across the political spectrum […]

Rob Ford: “I Do Not Use Crack Cocaine”

Eight days after two outlets, Gawker and the Toronto Star, published reports that they’d viewed a video that shows Toronto’s mayor smoking what appears to be crack cocaine, Rob Ford has finally broken his silence about the allegations. “I do not use crack cocaine, nor am I an addict of crack cocaine,” a surprisingly jovial-seeming […]

Mayor Ford’s Executive Committee Demands a Full Explanation on Drug and Profanity Allegations

In a letter released moments ago, mayor Rob Ford’s hand-picked executive committee is demanding he break his silence on allegations he was filmed smoking crack cocaine and making homophobic and racist slurs. Ford has refused to directly address these allegations despite requests from the public, the media, and even his own advisors. Here’s a transcript […]

Vandalist: Place Where Trees Stand In The Water

BY: Unknown LOCATION: Queen and Dovercourt and Queen and Abell PHOTOS BY: Mrs. Captain Monkeypants FIELD NOTES: We get the feeling these lovely wheat-pastes are a criticism of how disconnected we are from nature and our roots. The land we call Toronto would be unrecognizable to those who were here hundreds of years ago, before […]

Authors at Harbourfront Centre: In Conversation with Carl Hiaasen

The Authors at Harbourfront Centre is wrapping up its 39th season of weekly readings with a series of events including this interview between two established authors. Carl Hiaasen (author of 12 novels) will be having a sit-down with bestselling author, Andrew Pyper; they’ll be discussing Hiassen’s latest effort, Bad Monkey.

Square Dancing w/ Triangle Squares

Ever wanted to learn to square dance? Triangle Squares is offering the opportunity you need to do away with your two left feet. No dancing experience (or partner) is required and there’ll be snacks and prizes in addition to the modern art of square dancing. Here’s a video to help you get into the mood.

Dancing on the Pier

Dancing on the Pier is back for its third year! If you didn’t participate in this great dance series last year, be sure not to miss out this time around. For the uninitiated, this weekly series offers different live bands and instructors to help you find your groove along the waterfront all summer long. Featuring […]

Pride Week Kick Off at Hart House

There is certainly no shortage of events kicking off Pride Week 2013 in Toronto. But you can’t go wrong with this outdoor dance party at Hart House. The day begins with an outdoor community fair and barbecue, followed by an outdoor dance party (starting at 8 p.m.) featuring DJ Cozmic Cat, DJ Sammy Rawal, and […]

Ontario Bike Summit Aims to Change the Conversation on Cycling

Eleanor McMahon thinks it’s time to change the conversation around cycling in Ontario. McMahon is the founder of the Share the Road Cycling Coalition, who will be hosting the fifth annual Ontario Bike Summit this week in Toronto. She says that we need to stop talking about things like bike lanes and other bicycle infrastructure […]

Shining a Light on Precarious Urban Workers

If your job situation is less than secure, or consists of several part-time/freelance/contract situations cobbled together, you’re not alone: a recent United Way report found that half of GTA and Hamilton workers lack benefits and job security. Now one Toronto MP, fuelled by his own experiences with precarious employment, is starting a new campaign to […]

Public Works: LA Leans Green

Public Works looks at public space, urban design, and city-building innovations from around the world, and considers what Toronto might learn from them. As the Ford administration shifts from stall to death spiral faster than even its most zealous critics could have imagined, comfort yourself that in other jurisdictions mayors are still mayoring, cities are […]

Extra, Extra: Strombo on CNN, Ford on the Ropes, and Ties on the Floor

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss. George Stroumboulopoulos is starting a summer gig with CNN on June 9th. He’ll be doing ten weeks of a show called, simply, Stroumboulopoulos. The network says his guests will include fellow Canadian Ellen Page, as well as Robert […]

Parks44 Wants to Bring Parks Advocacy to Every Corner of Toronto

With the warmth of summer finally here, Torontonians are coming out of hibernation and making use of the many City parks at their disposal. But these parks need to be maintained, they need programming, they need recreation staff, and they need groups of dedicated citizens who care about them. To this end, Toronto Parks People […]

Mark Towhey Out as Rob Ford’s Chief of Staff

For reasons that are not yet clear, Rob Ford has fired one of his closest advisors, chief of staff Mark Towhey. Reporters who were standing outside the mayor’s office at City Hall this afternoon were surprised to see Towhey departing unexpectedly, escorted by security. As he left he spoke very briefly, saying “I am no […]

Off Key Comedy Aims to Fuse Stand-Up and Song

Even with the success of acts like Lonely Island and Flight of the Conchords, people still tend to view musical comedy with some suspicion, and not without reason. Those high-profile success stories aside, at the club level, musical comedy is too often the province of people who aren’t quite good enough to make it as […]

Determined to Satirize the Suburbs, Yolk Region Gets Cracking

Aside from our brief flirtation with the likes of RebelMayor, the 416 just hasn’t had any ongoing political satire of note (arguably it hasn’t needed it lately, but let’s put that aside for now). And yet, quietly, upon our northern border, the 905 seems to have spawned its own, Onion-style blog. The anonymous “Heironymous Bouche” […]