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Extra, Extra: Hockey on TV, Meth Labs on the Streets, and Rob Ford on O’Reilly

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss. Rogers, unsatisfied with owning practically everything else, has bought up the rights to NHL hockey broadcasts, nationwide. CBC will continue airing Hockey Night in Canada for the time being, but the public broadcaster will have to renegotiate with […]

How Does Toronto’s 2014 Budget Affect the TTC?

Toronto may crow about its good debt rating and booming economy, but its transit system is in trouble. Service is more crowded—when it runs at all—thanks to flatlined subsidies and relaxed loading standards that stuffed more riders into fewer vehicles. Major repair and renewal projects are starved for funding while politicians woo voters with expensive […]

The Guggenheim Comes to the AGO

Virginia Woolf once remarked that “on or about December 1910, human character changed.” Whether it actually did is debatable, but the curators of “The Great Upheaval: Masterpieces from the Guggenheim Collection 1910–1918” use that year to start their exhibition of works from a tumultuous decade of innovation in European fine art.

Heaving Bosoms and Sharp Class Critique in After Miss Julie

Toronto theatre audiences have seen a number of adaptations of Strindberg’s Miss Julie in the past few years. The original now seems dated, but Miss Julie: She’Mah, a Canadian-targeted adaptation by playwright Tara Beagan, ratcheted up the tension by giving Miss Julie residential-school-educated servants. Canadian Stage’s somewhat less effective Miss Julie: Freedom Summer used American […]

A Toronto Researcher Wants to Make Traffic Lights Smarter

Samah El-Tantawy, a University of Toronto postdoctoral fellow, has invented something she thinks could revolutionize the way vehicle traffic flows in cities. It’s called the Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Integrated Network of Adaptive Traffic Signal Controllers, or MARLIN-ATSC for short. The system isn’t in use yet, but it has been tested on a simulator with […]

The Coen Brothers Are Coming to the Lightbox (Or, Their Films Are)

The films of Joel and Ethan Coen can be deliriously funny, wickedly macabre, and downright bizarre, often in the span of a single scene. Leading up to the release of their newest effort, Inside Llewyn Davis—a look at the folk scene in ’60s-era Greenwich Village, opening in Toronto on December 20—TIFF is offering audiences a […]

Rep Cinema This Week: Miller’s Crossing, Le Joli Mai, Superclásico

The best repertory and art-house screenings, special presentations, lectures, and limited engagements in Toronto. At rep cinemas this week: the Coen Brothers’ terrific 1930s-set gangster film, Chris Marker’s rare portrait of Paris in 1962, and a Danish comedy about a fateful trip to Argentina.

Heaven Above Heaven Below Comes Out on Top

The world is a shockingly small place; just being in it will inevitably, repeatedly, and involuntarily bring you face to face with people you’d rather not meet more than once. In the case of Linda Griffiths’ new play Heaven Above Heaven Below, the wedding of a mutual friend reunites two nameless characters, He and She, […]

Video Vengeance #1 – Invasion U.S.A

Join the folks at Modern Superior for a very special VHS movie screening, which happens to be the inaugural event of their Video Vengeance series. Why go out for regular nachos, when you can eat nachos and drink beer while watching Chuck Norris get physical with some Soviet operatives in 1985’s Invasion U.S.A? Show up […]

Canadian Artisan Tasting Fair

If you’ve ever used the term “foodie” as a self-descriptor, listen up! The Canadian Artisan Tasting Fair will bring together more than 40 local brewers, bakers, butchers, and more in one place to showcase their wares. Come hungry, as the price of admission allows you to sample to your stomach’s content.

Series 8:08 Choreographic Perfomance Workshop

Witness the birth of new dance pieces at the Series 8:08 Choreographic Perfomance Workshop. This event allows emerging and professional choreographers to experiment with new ideas, give sneak peeks of works in progress, and show off newly completed pieces to the general public. Attendees will be welcome to share their opinions and ask questions during […]

Cavalcade of Lights

Don’t let the malls fool you: the lighting of the Christmas tree at Nathan Phillips Square marks the official start of the holiday season. The 47th annual Cavalcade of Lights will feature performances from Diamond Rings, Tyler Shaw, Cold Specks, Divine Brown, and Carvin Winans—and a giant fireworks presentation. DJ Dopey will keep the festivities […]

Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival

Canadians aren’t just polite—we’re also dark and messed up when we want to be. The latter tendency is celebrated in the 2nd annual Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival, a showcase of the best in contemporary horror from across our fine nation. Three days of screenings will see the world premieres of a number […]

Toronto’s Budget: A Decoder

It’s municipal budget time, and that means everyone can get confused once again about what sound accounting principles really are; whether you should think about investing in the City while you consider cuts elsewhere (yes); and whether capital and operating are the same kind of budget (no). If budget terms seem hard to understand, then […]

A Guide to Toronto’s 2014 Budget Process

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: City budget season. Okay, so maybe it’s not quite that fun. But it’s still a really important and meaningful process. The decisions made during the budget process will shape the City’s priorities for the next year. Understanding and participating in that process isn’t always easy, so here’s […]

Comedy, Coffee Talk, and Cabaret

Local cabaret favourite Ryan G. Hinds brings his semi-monthly variety show back to the Pubaret for Comedy, Coffee Talk, and Cabaret, this month with guests Michael Hughes (Mickey & Judy, guest performer on David Foster & Friends), Roxxie Terrain (musical theatre veteran Brad Cormier), and Rebecca Perry, whose one-woman show Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop […]

Judgment Day in Toronto Centre

Tomorrow’s federal by-election in Toronto Centre could be a nailbiter. The riding has been Liberal red for two decades, and polls have them leading the second-place NDP by a comfortable margin. However, the Grits are still recovering from their collapse in the 2011 general election, when the NDP blew several large orange holes in the […]