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The Zoo’s Polar Bear Cub Has Taken His First Steps

Watch him go! A video posted to the Toronto Zoo’s Facebook page shows us how a young polar bear goes about finding his footing. This furry bundle of adorableness weighs about 4.4 kg—when he was born, he was a mere 700 grams. Born November 9, 2013, the little guy has been out of his incubator […]

Sound Advice: Metal We Missed in 2013

Music lovers in Toronto are spoiled for choice in this city. With so many opportunities to see excellent live music and so many ridiculously talented artists working hard to put out new releases, not catching everything is inevitable. Aggressive music hailing from Toronto, including heavy metal and hardcore, had a banner year in 2013, and […]

The Cold Weather Once Again Forces Streetcars out of Service

It’s going to be another challenging commute for Torontonians. The TTC has announced that the bitterly cold weather is once again going to affect streetcar service during afternoon rush hour: issues with the aging vehicles and their response to extreme cold will result in a shortage of 35 streetcars (the TTC was down 61 streetcars […]

City Opens Warming Centre for Homeless Residents

In the midst of bone-chilling winter weather, the City has opened the rotunda at Metro Hall, a municipal building at 55 John Street, as a warming centre for Toronto’s homeless population. City staff are calling this a “pilot project” to supplement existing emergency shelters and drop-ins across Toronto. Pat Anderson of the City’s Shelter, Support […]

I Want Your Job: Sofi Papamarko, Matchmaker

I Want Your Job finds Torontonians who make a living doing exactly what they love to do, in any field, and for any salary, and asks them how they did it. Sofi Papamarko doesn’t look like your average yenta. The bubbly 33-year-old started off as a freelance writer, moved to an ad agency when she […]

Scene: The Weather Turns Ghostly on Lake Ontario

WHERE: Humber Bay Park West WHEN: Tuesday, January 7, 6–8:30 a.m. WHAT: When cold air travels over a warmer body of water, the warmer air above the water is cooled, producing a fog known as “sea smoke,” which can take the form of large columns. We’ve certainly been treated to some cold air, and Toronto’s […]

Which Toronto Pubs Have Fireplaces?

We’re now familiar with the polar vortex. We’ve become acquainted with frost quakes. Toronto is in the grips of a deep freeze, and it sometimes feels as if above-zero temperatures are things of fantasy, or of the distant and unimaginable past. There is, though, still a whole city out there beyond the chill, even if […]

David Soknacki Launches Mayoral Campaign

“Toronto is facing serious challenges. It’s not only transit gridlock, but also political gridlock.” David Soknacki thinks he is the candidate who can help break that logjam. The 59 year old former city councillor from Scarborough—a conservative who was also David Miller’s pragmatic choice for budget chief, and who currently runs the spice company he […]

Wavelength & NeXT’s The Class of 2014

Wavelength and NeXT are teaming up to present four must-see bands who will be representing Toronto this year. The Class of 2014: A New Indie-Rock Honour Roll (Pt I) features appearances from Fresh Snow, MASS, Del Bel, and Anamai. We suggest you check these guys out, so you can have the satisfaction of saying you […]

Sir John A Macdonald Birthday Trivia!

Okay, so maybe history class wasn’t your favourite in high school, but maybe it could have been if drinks and prizes were involved. In honour of our first prime minister’s 199th birthday, Jeremy Diamond of the Vimy Foundation is challenging everyone to a rousing evening of Sir John A. Macdonald Birthday Trivia. Gather a team […]

Destiny’s Child vs. Spice Girls Burlesque

A Platinum Production and Nerd Girl Burlesque are teaming up to answer one very important question: which divas make the best music for burlesque? It’ll be a battle of bootylicious babes as Loretta Jean, Delicia Pastiche, and Helen of Tronna take on Belle Jumelles, St. Stella, and Nasty Canasta in Spice Girls vs. Destiny’s Child […]

The Keith Richards One Woman Show

With a minimalistic set, some vintage guitars, and a rock n’ roll soundtrack, Deanna Jones takes on the persona of one of music’s most notorious figures. Humourous and introspective, The Keith Richards One Woman Show leads audiences through the highs and lows of the Rolling Stones guitarist’s often ridiculous life.

The City’s Trees Were Hit Hard by the Ice Storm

The recent ice storm knocked the power out for 300,000 customers, and also knocked down a great many trees and branches—just how many, it’s hard to say. Although City staff initially estimated that 20 per cent of Toronto’s tree canopy had been lost, Jason Doyle, director of forestry, says that it’s just too soon to […]

Descant 163: The Brink and the Break

Descant Magazine mourns endings and celebrates new beginnings with issue 163, The Brink and the Break. Join contributors George Elliott Clarke, Rocco de Giacomo, Cathy Petch, John Ryan Scrivener, Sharon Overend, and Lori Vos for the launch party, where they will be sharing their works of poetry and fiction on the topics of love, tension, […]