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Rob Ford’s Trip to Chicago

Mayor Rob Ford led a delegation to Chicago on Tuesday and Wednesday. Following Ford around were several dozen Toronto politicians and businesspeople, and also a ton of Toronto press. In that kind of atmosphere, you might have expected Ford to have committed a gaffe or two. Your expectation would have been correct. Here, for those […]

I Want Your Job: David Arcus, Composer, Arranger, and Producer

I Want Your Job finds Torontonians who make a living doing exactly what they love to do, in any field, and for any salary, and asks them how they did it. David Arcus is a lot of music-related things, but most recently he can add “Juno-nomiated producer” to the list. The 2011 album he co-wrote […]

Proud, by Michael Healey: An Excerpt

In 2011, Toronto’s theatre community experienced some off-stage drama, when playwright Michael Healey broke with his longtime home at the Tarragon Theatre (where he had been playwright-in-residence for over a decade) over their refusal to produce his latest script. Called Proud, that play was the last in a trilogy, the previous instalments of which had […]

Locally Made: Juliann Wilding, Unconventional Puppetmaker

Juliann Wilding wears many hats. She regularly works as an art director, a designer, an artist, and a model, in addition to her day job at a gallery. But she’s become increasingly renowned for her large-scale kinetic sculptures—essentially, puppets—that can be found displayed on their own and as set and wardrobe pieces in performance productions. […]

Mapping Our Music: The 1990s

The venues, schools, record labels, stores, and other landmarks that created the sound of our city and shaped its music history. During the 1990s, Toronto continued to embrace a wide range of genres, from DJ-centric clubs to indie-rock showcases. Some venues were influential, but short-lived. Meanwhile, for other places that opened or hit their stride […]

Sound Advice: Black Tuxedo by Maestro Fresh Wes

After spending about two decades being referred to as either just Maestro or Wes Maestro Williams, Canada’s first rap superstar has opted to return to his original moniker. His new EP, Black Tuxedo, is the first Maestro Fresh Wes record in 18 years. The five-song EP is meant as a warm-up for his upcoming full-length […]

Extra, Extra: Cycling Sherbourne, Shenanigans at the Underground Cinema

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss. As we mentioned yesterday, the Province has rejected calls to conduct an Environmental Assessment of Jarvis Street—calls made by Cycle Toronto, who is fighting city council’s decision to rip up the recently installed bike lane there. As work […]

Duly Quoted: Yunel Escobar

“I ask apologies from the fans and the Blue Jays… It was not intended to be offensive, nothing intentional directed at anyone in particular… I don’t have anything against homosexuals, I have friends who are gay… I didn’t mean this to be misinterpreted by the gay community. I apologize.” —Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar, […]

Vintage Toronto Ads: Watch Your Feet!

It was one of silent cinema’s most iconic images: comedian Harold Lloyd dangling from a clock face in 1923’s Safety Last. Seven years later, talkies had arrived and Lloyd attempted to recapture the excitement of that scene in an extended sequence, complete with period slow-talking racial stereotypes, for his second sound feature, Feet First. The […]

TTC Worker’s Funeral Service Will Be On Wednesday

Peter Pavlovski, the TTC worker who died early last Friday morning after being struck by a maintenance train outside Yorkdale subway station, will have his funeral service on Wednesday, at 10 a.m. It will take place at St. Clement of Ohrid Macedonian Cathedral, at 76 Overlea Boulevard. An open visitation period will happen later that […]

Now In Rep Cinema: Beyond the Black Rainbow, A World of Shorts, A Serious Man

Each week, Now in Rep Cinema compiles the best repertory and art-house screenings, special presentations, lectures, and limited engagements.     BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOWDIRECTED BY PANOS COSMATOSThe Royal (608 College Street) Showtimes     A WORLD OF SHORTSVARIOUS DIRECTORSBloor Hot Docs Cinema (506 Bloor Street West) Wednesday, September 19, 5 p.m.     A […]

Beyond the Black Rainbow

As the son of late Cobra director George P. Cosmatos, Panos Cosmatos grew up around videotape. From a young age, he was obsessed with the lurid sci-fi box covers he saw on the shelves of his local video store. The Vancouver native’s first feature, Beyond the Black Rainbow, is a loving tribute to what those […]

inscape Turns Toronto Upside Down

Jonathan Castellino has a unique perspective on Toronto. Whether it’s from the street or from a rooftop, he uses his camera to see the unseen in the city—and to make the familiar seem unfamiliar, and vice versa. In stark black and white, many of the images found on his website, SacramentalPerception, are arresting not only […]

TIFF `12 Scenes: The End of the Road

Wondering how to navigate the torrent of films? Our growing list of TIFF reviews is right here. The Toronto International Film Festival’s closing weekend mustered a decent last hurrah, as the handful of visiting actors and directors not yet en route to Pearson walked the final few red carpets of 2012. From now until TIFF […]

Partiers “Take Back the Block” to Protest Recent Sexual Assaults

Walking into the Take Back the Block celebration in Kensington Market’s Bellevue Park felt very much like walking into a backyard party hosted by old friends. Throughout the park, knots of people chatted happily with each other, cups of coffee steaming in their hands on the first truly chilly evening of early fall. Local vendors […]