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Your Toronto 2014 Issue Navigator

How the candidates compare on some of the city's biggest issues.


Weekend Newsstand: October 19, 2013

Does anyone else get the hook from R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts" stuck in their head when they're in physical pain? Just me? Now this headache is lonely as well as painful. In today's news: Toronto is almost the most reputable city in the world, according to reputation experts the Reputation Institute; the stock exchange closed high, which means SELL EVERYTHING YOU OWN; Feral Cat Awareness Week is happening, so be aware that there are adorable sad cats that you should never touch without a trained expert nearby; and Premier Wynne is concerned about how the Canada-EU trade deal will impact Ontario.


Newsstand: October 18, 2013

How are you feeling today? I'm too ill to deal with life right now, thanks for asking. In the news: Doug Holyday urges the provincial government to back city council's subway plan, the discussion about bike lanes on Bloor Street is back on (sort of), a middle school bans junk food in brown bag lunches, a Toronto man's legal case over whether doctors can terminate life support rests with the Supreme Court, and lots of road closures across the city this weekend.