• LeslieCz

    Those damn streetcar tracks are the bane of Toronto cyclists. One has to navigate a one-meter ribbon between the rightmost track and a line of parked cars, so If a door opens your little comfort zone disappears and you’re fucked.

    1) Tear up the streetcar tracks?
    2) Prohibit cars on streetcar streets?
    3) Prohibit parking on streetcar streets?

    • Phil

      Leslie, those things you mentioned, I suspect, are not a problem on St. Clair or Spadina (admittedly no paradise for bikes but no worse than any other street without bike lanes), nor on the parts of College and Dundas E with bike lanes.

      For King and Queen, I would like to see a bit of item 2 and/or 3 on the parts that overlap with Richmond and Adelaide. I know there is already an environmental assessment for bike lanes on Richmond and Adelaide, but regardless Queen St. in particular will always be popular with cyclists, is a very busy streetcar line, and is shockingly congested. I would like to see the downtown portion of Queen turned into a pedestrian street during rush hour and on weekends, and opened up to traffic only during the day for deliveries. This would result in streetcars moving much more quickly and a safer environment for cyclists.

      • RobertB

        Bicycles flock on Queen St, east of the Broadview, while there are virtually unused bicycle lanes on Dundas and Eastern avenues, one block north and one block south, respectively. Bonus: no streetcars on either street, whereas Queen is a busy streetcar street.
        Unfortunately, all the bike lanes have achieved on Eastern and Dundas is to constrain vehicular traffic by 50%, for no particular reason.
        The best advice for bicyclists: pick a route that is bike friendly rather than expecting the world to change for your exclusive benefit. Downtown there are many routes that are non-threatening and more scenic than the heart of downtown Toronto. A nice alternative would be the Lakeshore bike lanes, just a couple of minutes south of Downtown. Many other examples exist.

  • Elisa Jed

    It just gets so crazy out there! I heard of a cyclist that was involved in an almost hit and run. A person smashed her off the track and tried to book it. Luckily the person was caught, but it is so serious the cyclist is getting a lawyer from Calgary. It might be going to court.