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Archive for 'Elizabeth Fraser'

Newsstand: March 19, 2015

According to American economist Tyler Cowen, Scarborough is the best ethnic food suburb in the world. What do you think, Raccoon Nation: is Scarborough the best-kept foodie secret in the city? Discuss amongst yourselves. In the news: UofT has reached a tentative deal with teaching assistants, parking enforcement officers get heat for ticketing on-duty Wheel-Trans vehicles, a portion of Eglinton Avenue is closed because of a weak tunnel, and a patient at Sunnybrook tests negative for Ebola.


Newsstand: March 18, 2015

If you're under the age of 48, you have not been alive to see the Toronto Maple Leafs win a Stanley Cup. Sadly, this year won’t be your year either, since the Leafs have been bounced out of playoff contention once again. In the news: Kristyn Wong-Tam wants to curb construction noise, a former Paralympian is asked to remove her service dog from a Toronto Tim Hortons location, Captain John’s is up for auction again, and more pieces of the Gardiner come tumbling down.


Newsstand: March 5, 2015

Rob Ford is at least $23,000 richer thanks to his recent online auctions of “memorabilia.” One collector warns that the buyers are unlikely to see a profit from their investment, so here is hoping the person who spent over $16,000 on Ford’s NFL tie really does have that kind of scratch to burn. In the news: A TTC bus driver decides to skip four stops along Lawrence Avenue West for unknown reasons, a dog is hit by a TTC bus in Leaside, the ROM has a new interim director, and a fire at the Grand Hotel.


Newsstand: March 3, 2015

Google says it will soon offer cellular network plans—details are scant, but company reps say it won't pose a threat to traditional phone and Internet providers. But, really? If it means cheaper cell phone bills, Canadians are all for a few threats. In the news: the provincial and federal governments will not help pay for Union Station overruns, Kristyn Wong-Tam suggests that term limits would help improve diversity within city council, and the search for Toronto’s own Sugar Man.


Newsstand: February 17, 2015

Six Canadians are still in the running to join the Mars One project. If selected, they could get a one-way trip to Mars to try and establish the first off-planet colony of humans. This sounds pretty amazing, until you remember that MIT studied the project's feasibility and learned that the life expectancy could be as short as 68 days. In the news: major flooding at an apartment building near Yonge and Eglinton, longer rush-hour wait times as the new streetcars are put in service, and the (possible) end of Bay and Bloor's scramble crossing.