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Newsstand: April 17, 2014

So, on Monday a Nebraska toddler got stuck in one of those claw-style toy vending machine games. No, you read that right. That actually happened. In slightly less awesome news: Open Streets will happen this summer, a new zoning law could allow small businesses to open up within apartment towers, electronic joints may not be safe to smoke, and the who’s who of city councillors running for re-election this fall.


Weekend Newsstand: April 12, 2014

It is a little-known fact that the earth stopped spinning for 0.05 seconds yesterday due to the high-pitched screams emitted from Marvel fangirls when they realized Robert Downey Jr. had joined Twitter. In the news: a state funeral for Jim Flaherty will take place next week, a possible closure of the northbound Allen Expressway is back on the table, Karen Stintz wants traffic lights to get "smarter" by using artificial intelligence, and Norm Kelly goes to Taiwan.


Newsstand: April 10, 2014

While Prince George was having a play date in New Zealand, a nine-month-old baby was being arrested for attempted murder in Pakistan. Now that you’re all caught up on infant headlines from around the globe, here is the news: a smartphone app to pay for parking is in the works, the City dishes out political donation rebates for non-Toronto residents, the TDSB votes against asking for a nudity ban at this year’s Pride Parade, and some radioactive stuff goes missing from Sunnybrook.


Newsstand: April 8, 2014

Only time will tell whether the Rob Ford Crackathon game will become the Drugwars of a new generation. In the news: Open Streets might transform Bloor Street this summer, new finance minister Joe Oliver chats with some old Bay Street chums, a transportation consultant from Great Britain schools Toronto on public transit, and a film based on an infamous Mississauga murder heads straight to VOD.


Newsstand: April 3, 2014

It is Thursday. So close to Friday and yet so far away. A blue police box that is bigger on the inside would really come in handy right about now, wouldn’t it? In the news: Joe Cressy doesn’t think the oilsands are evil anymore, Olivia Chow doesn’t think that the downtown relief line should be an election issue, it turns out it is not as easy as you would think to move a Victorian coach house, and a Toronto man who helped pioneer amnesia research has died.


Newsstand: March 25, 2014

While the mystery persists, in the end, it looks like detective Courtney Love can’t take credit for finding flight MH370…although her investigative work on Daniel Tosh seems pretty spot on. In the news: a new report says that the Billy Bishop expansion would be bad news for boaters, criticism over the provincial government’s funding kibosh of the Beaches International Jazz Festival, Scarborough residents try to save their trees, and Twitter trolls go after James Reimer’s wife.


Newsstand: March 20, 2014

Apparently Rob Ford’s lawyer thinks that police will find a way to anonymously leak the infamous crack video before the upcoming municipal election to, presumably, squash the mayor’s chance at re-election. Nowadays, everyone is a conspiracy theorist. In the news: John Tory officially kicks off his campaign, Sarah Thomson announces her mayoral bid, the executive committee backs a BMO Field expansion, and backlogs to police background checks are getting out of control.


Newsstand: March 18, 2014

So, how is that St. Paddy’s Day hangover treating you this morning? Grab some coffee, pop a few Advil, and have an internet hug from me in the form of some news headlines. In the news: Toronto public health thinks hookah smoking is bad, which is bad news for hookah lounges; the Trinity-Spadina by-election is already getting spicy; David Soknacki’s Reddit AMA was pretty great; and there’s a new Ford aiming to join City Council.


Newsstand: March 11, 2014

He’s my boyfriend, he’s your boyfriend, he’s everyone’s boyfriend. Congratulations to George Stroumboulopoulos, who is the new face of Hockey Night In Canada—but seriously, though, he’s mostly my boyfriend… In the news: Morgan Baskin is an 18-year-old high-school student who wants to be the next mayor of Toronto, Toronto’s presence at SXSW underwhelms this year even after that alliance our city formed with the City of Austin, security improvements will be made at York University in the wake of a double campus shooting, and snow—like the weather, not the '90s rapper—isn’t through with us yet.


Newsstand: March 6, 2014

Happy birthday, Toronto! I didn’t get you anything because you’re so hard to shop for, so please accept these news headlines in your honour: The Buffalo Bills won’t be coming to Toronto this year, Josh Colle thinks bus and streetcar service should be free during overnight cold weather alerts, a laptop stolen from Etobicoke General had personal info from over 5,000 patients on it, and a Toronto Tim Hortons dished out $200 in free wares thanks to a considerate customer.