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Extra, Extra: Donating to Evolution, Election Signs, and Doug Ford Spoofs

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Our 10 Favourite Things at JFL42 ’14

We count down the highlights of this year's JFL42 comedy festival, which included a mix of big names, rising stars, and local talent.

Tom Henry. Photo by Michael Meehan/JFL42.

As we get used to the unorthodox pass-and-credit system used by the JFL42 comedy festival, we’re realizing more and more how clever it is, and how the festival has grown into Toronto’s premiere comedy experience—with opportunities for local comedy fans to enjoy top-shelf, internationally recognized talent, discover up-and-coming acts, and get to know their local scene as well. Used properly, the credit system makes it easy to see multiple shows for no extra charge, night after night, and we used ours to see over 50 individual acts over the course of the festival.

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Duly Quoted: Olivia Chow, on How She’s Different From John Tory

In an open letter to Now Magazine, the mayoral candidate says she's not a smooth talker with a "grand scheme" but would get things done as mayor.

“I am not as smooth a talker. But when I talk, I outline ways to help our poorest kids and help people find more affordable housing. I think there’s a role for the city in creating jobs for young people. Mr. Tory is silent on social policy, and just like Mr. Ford before is a one-trick pony.”

-Olivia Chow, responding to an open letter from Now Magazine editor/publisher Michael Hollett. Hollett expressed concern about the campaign she’s been running, calling it “safe, oh-so-friendly and bland.” He urged her to “make this a race between you and the Conservative [John Tory], a legendary electoral stumblebum who has a world-class capacity to implode” and to “forget the polish” and “go for the passion.”

In Chow’s answering letter, she acknowledges that she isn’t going to “present a grand scheme, saying it will solve everything,” but argues that what she will do “is get things done to help people—no matter their income, background, or neighbourhood.” She contends that John Tory “is silent on social policy, and just like Mr. Ford before is a one-trick pony,” before calling into question the fundamentals of his transit plan. “I’m not going to pretend this is a normal campaign,” she writes, referring to Rob Ford’s time in rehab and health concerns. “I tried to engage him on the issues, but goodness knows issues haven’t been front and centre.”


Newsstand: October 1, 2014

The world’s oldest clown has died. Floyd "Creeky" Creekmore, was 98 years old. Even if you are deathly afraid of clowns, that is still sad to hear, isn’t it? In the news: Olivia Chow promises 3,000 more childcare spaces, Doug Ford and John Tory continue to sling mud at one another, security costs for the Pan Am Games could keep ballooning, a fatal streetcar collision, and two Sunrise Records locations are closing.


Newsstand: September 30, 2014

It is the last day of September, meaning Christmas music is coming to a mall PA system near you sooner than anyone wants. Because nothing says “Happy Halloween!” like a hearty chorus of “Jingle Bells.” In the news: Meet Doug Ford, art collector; a University of Toronto think tank believes transit should be a top concern for mayoral candidates; municipal election campaigns heat up; and more construction is coming to a road near you.