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Inherent Weisse: Relax, Don’t Worry, Have a Homebrew

Making your own beer doesn't have to be hard.

Photos by Robin LeBlanc and Toronto Brewing Co.

Have you ever been at a restaurant where you eat something so good that you wonder if you can make it yourself? One day, you put in some research, pick up all of the ingredients, and, after more hours and attempts than you’d like to admit, you successfully manage to pull it off. You practically swell with pride because you made something delicious out of nothing.

That’s how I felt a couple of years ago when I started to make my own beer at home.

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Vandalist: Love it or Hate It

Lovebot takes a stand


BY: Lovebot, Tensoe2, PoserABM
LOCATION: Brock and Dundas, the PanAm Path
PHOTO BY: Matthew Del Degan
FIELD NOTES: Matthew Del Degan, the artist responsible for Lovebot, is one of the only graffiti artists in Toronto who publicizes his real name and has a website dedicated to his work and crew—something he largely gets away with because of his intentions to spread love across the city. This makes him an easy target for folks who have a bone to pick with graffiti. Folks like Kirk Hero, who decided he’d had enough of Lovebot, which he describes as a “visual plague disguised as something beneficial to the community.” There’s even a petition on change.org to bring the Lovebot nonsense to a halt, and a rally to oppose the little creature. Unlike some graffiti artists, Del Degan goes out of his way to graffiti with a respectful approach, concentrating on derelict walls and permissible surfaces, with an emphasis on positivity and love. In response to the petition he’s organized a big group hug on Saturday to stand up to the criticism. If you like Lovebot/hugs you should drop by! Or, if you want to “help kill Lovebot with hate of Lovebot” you should sign the petition! Or, best of both worlds, go to the event and chat with Del Degan and his crew and exchange perspectives through conversation and humanity.

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