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Vintage Toronto Ads: Come See the Cat Circus!

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you one of the 19th century's finest novelty acts!

Source: the News, January 27, 1894.

HEAR YE, HEAR YE! Ladies and gentlemen, and children of all ages! Today, we have for you the most incredible, the most astonishing, the most breathtaking, and the most amusing sight you have seen all day! Moore’s Musee, in association with Torontoist, is proud to present the world’s greatest novelty sensation of 1894! On today’s bill of 12, count ‘em, 12 sterling speciality stars, you won’t believe your eyes when you set them on Professor Harry Welton’s collection of charismatic, pugilistic, death-defying felines!

May we present to you…Professor Welton’s Cat Circus!

(A video is after the jump.)

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Sex-ist: Sex Therapy 101

We talk with a sex therapist about what it takes to resolve people's most intimate concerns.

Each month, Sex-ist looks at topics relating to sex and sexuality in and around the GTA

couple therapy

We have a pretty cut-and-dried relationship with our bodies. If you break your leg, you would see a doctor. If you can’t get an erection, that same doctor might give you a little blue pill. But what if the problem doesn’t stop there? What if those little blue pills cause you some angst or anxiety? What if they make your partner feel sad or uncomfortable? You might want to call up your friendly neighbourhood sex therapist.

Joan Marsman is such a therapist. She’s been practicing family and marriage counselling for thirty years, and at 55, she’s utterly comfortable working with clients on topics as diverse as BDSM, pain during intercourse, and sexually transmitted infections. She handles the emotional element of sexual problems, working towards “tools and strategies” to help people get the most pleasure out of their sex lives. A typical round of treatment for a couple might take eight to twenty bi-weekly sessions, and Marsman also sees an equal number of single men and women.
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