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TVCITY: Violin Prophet

Torontoist presents TVCITY, presenting cinematic views of city life.

Street violinist Ezra Azmon is the son of Holocaust survivors, and he was born on a kibbutz in Israel. Though he studied violin with the intent of becoming a concert soloist, his spirituality led him to play on the streets.

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I Want Your Job: Yifat Shaik, Library Innovator in Residence

Games about brutalist architecture and teaching 3D modeling are all in a day's work.

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Courtesy of Yifat Shaik

From September 8 to October 17, Yifat Shaik’s job includes leading lectures about Dames Making Games, and introducing Torontonians to concepts like 3D modelling and creating textures in Photoshop. As the Toronto Public Library’s Innovator in Residence, Shaik, 32, is part of a constellation of residencies at the TPL—including the Entrepreneur in Residence and the Illustrator in Residence—who act as resources and educators during their posts. Shaik came to Toronto three years ago from Jerusalem for her Masters of Design from OCAD. Her previous—and current—work focuses on games, illustration, 3D modeling, and “basically anything that involve digital design,” she says.

Our conversation with Shaik—about what the Digital Hub offers, the gratification of teaching to newbies, and her satirical game about the IDF—is below.
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A Very Deserving Team

As the Blue Jays make their way into the American League Division Series, we reflect on why their victories are a win for us all.

Photo by  Grant D from the Torontoist Flickr Pool

Photo by Grant D from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.

Last Wednesday, which feels like a lifetime ago, I sat in the back of a cab on its way to the airport and watched, on my phone, the Toronto Blue Jays win the American League East. After hugging the driver, high-fiving strangers at the Air Canada check-in counter, and sharing festive congratulations in a normally sombre security line, I took in the team’s champagne-soaked celebration on multiple television screens at the airport bar. I swiped through dozens of photos of Marcus Stroman hugs, and Ben Revere Hugs, and Jose Bautista hugs. I played and replayed videos of Josh Donaldson getting beer poured down his throat. Then I shut down my phone, and left the country.

I was en route to England, a country where very few people actually care about baseball, and even less care about why it matters so much to us right now. When I arrived in the UK, jet lagged and still in the blissful euphoria of the win, I explained to anyone who would listen what the Jays had accomplished, and why people back home were weeping in joyous, elated disbelief.
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