Scene: Black Lives Matter Protest



Scene: Black Lives Matter Protest

Hundreds protested in front of 40 College Street to protest the policing of Toronto's Black residents.

A handful of officers observed from the sidelines as the protest filled the entrance to police headquarters at 40 College Street. The crowd eventually spilled onto the street.

WHERE: Police Headquarters, 40 College Street

WHEN: Saturday, March 26, 4:30 p.m.

WHAT: Hundreds of supporters filled the square in front of police headquarters on Saturday in support of Black Lives Matter Toronto. The sound of drums and music could be heard long before the protest could be seen, and the crowd regularly chanted, “Black lives, they matter here!” The Black Lives Matter Toronto tent city is focused on a number of demands, including revealing the name of the police officer who killed Andrew Loku, an overhaul of the Special Investigations Unit that oversees the use of force by police, and an end to carding. The Black Lives Matter protest has now been camped out for almost eight days.

Photos by David Hains