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Say Goodbye to the Inglis Sign and Its Inspirational Quotes

The sign that's been standing by the Gardiner Expressway since 1975 has now come down.

The at-least-somewhat-iconic Inglis sign is no more. It’s been stationed by the side of the Gardiner Expressway since 1975, flashing affirming messages to drivers, but it was removed earlier this week. Appliance manufacturer Inglis—founded in 1881 and once located on Strachan Avenue—was taken over by Whirlpool in 1987, and when the company’s contract with advertising agency Pattison Outdoor Advertising was up, it opted not to renew. “There was no appetite to continue,” a Pattison spokesperson said, noting the location is no longer suitable for advertising because it’s now hidden by condo buildings.

So drivers on the Gardiner will now have to create their own moral uplift without the aid of an appliance sign: those at a loss might wish to ponder “The greatest remedy for anger is delay,” or, “No day in which you learn something is a complete loss”—both instructive messages displayed on the sign during its expressway heyday.