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Extra, Extra: Rob Ford “Apologizes,” Doug Ford Yells, and a Globe and Mail Strike Is Averted

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not to miss.

  • In the wake of Rob Ford’s invitation-only so-called press conference, city council has voted to ban invite-only media events on City property. Always good to reaffirm that press conferences should, you know, be open to the press.
  • Council also reaffirmed today that it’s not above yelling—or rather, Doug Ford reaffirmed that, by yelling repeatedly at Speaker Frances Nunziata during what was supposed to be a discussion of whether his brother should be made to apologize for robocalls he made in Councillor Paul Ainslie’s ward. After the issue had been debated for some time, Rob Ford delivered an apology of sorts, which Ainslie accepted.
  • And Rob Ford once again reaffirmed that he’s not above refusing to participate in a gracious gesture honouring worthy people and Pride: he was the only one who remained seated while council rose to honour the work done by Kristyn Wong-Tam to make WorldPride a success.
  • It appears that the Globe and Mail and its unionized employees have reached a tentative deal and that a strike will be averted—which we assume means the company will no longer be needing a large fence.

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  • torontothegreat

    The union also said it contained a requirement that editorial staff — except for reporters — work on advertorial copy.


  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    “After the issue had been debated for some time, Rob Ford delivered an apology of sorts, which Ainslie accepted.”

    Whatever. Another meaningless Ford apology. Let’s get rid of this awful man on October 27th. Worst. Mayor. Ever.

    • ghawk99

      Not just him. Council needs to be swept clean of his enablers. Luckily they’ve made the job easier for us: Holyday is gone already, Del Grande is retiring, and Doug will be back at Deco in a few months. Karen Stintz is the 2014 version of Sarah Thomson, and while I feel bad for her after Rob’s comments, she was one of his capos in the early part of his term. Hopefully others like Palacio, Di Giorgio, and Mammolit will get their comeuppance in October.

      • wklis

        But Doug doesn’t want to go back to Deco to clean out the washrooms… again.

        • dsmithhfx

          Mmmm, cocaine.

      • ShabbaRich

        Karen Stintz may have been an early Ford enabler, but she deserves credit for taking a stand against his transit plan while she was still on the executive. At the time it was a courageous move, and it really got the ball rolling on the anti-Ford movement in council.

        • Chris

          Except she squandered all of that goodwill by then backtracking on her own plan to jump on board the “scarborough subway” bandwagon in order to satisfy her own mayoral ambitions. She can talk about how she was the one who first pushed back on Ford, yet she’s responsible for what is arguably his greatest “win” during the term – getting approval for an unfunded subway in Scarborough over a fully funded LRT that would service more people and cover a larger area. Even though he had virtually nothing to do with it coming to pass (and frankly, without Stintz bailing him out, had no idea of how he was ever going to get it done), he’s been able to claim the credit, while Stintz has rightly worn almost all of the blame for turning momentum in favour of this idiotic “plan”
          The fact that she can’t get above 3% in the polls despite her her name recognition and profile shows just how smart a strategy that was for her….

          • Don River

            Ford can take credit all he wants. He’s finished no matter what.

            Though Ford may have jumped on board the Scarborough subway, Stintz was always for it. But she knew the only way she could get enough support to take the transit file away from Ford was to reinstate the previous plan, which she did in the spring of 2012. Then she and Glen De Bearemaeker spent over a year lobbying council and the province for a B-D extension. Again, she was successful.

            Subway or not, Stintz’s mayoral bid was always going to be a long shot with Chow and Tory in the race. She’ll probably drop out and run for her council seat.

            In the end, the Liberals want this subway more than anyone, so I predict not even a Chow victory will overturn it.

          • Moran b eeghuzzar

            But she still has fine upstanding…TITS!

    • Mart Emmeness

      “Worst. Mayor. Ever.”?? He doesn’t rate that high , even.

  • Lutesuite

    Rob Ford had to leave the chamber for the discussion of the apology to Ainslie, because the issue involved him. Why was Doug allowed to stay, seeing as it involved a close family member?

    • switcherdawna

      Francis Nunziata (the house leader) is available on Facebook… send her a message.

  • Alex

    Rob and Doug Ford need to find a new job environment.
    Something shady that would fit their lifestyle more.

  • christinaarcher

    Both Ford bros. are hopeless pols. They need new jobs, fast. Deco labels has a couple of openings.