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Extra, Extra: Raising the DVP, Shirtless Protests, and Baby Photos

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Photo by Ryan, from the Torontoist Flickr pool.

  • It’s possible drivers on the DVP will have to endure more traffic headaches and construction at some point—not because the roadway will need to be resurfaced or the lines repainted, but because the whole thing might need to be raised in order to avoid intermittent floods.
  • In honour of the outspoken and shirtless jogger who took on Rob Ford at a Canada Day parade, various outspoken people took their shirts off and protested today outside the Newstalk 1010 station on Richmond Street West while Ford was inside being interviewed.
  • Two Toronto teachers—Frank Nelson, 44, and BJ Barone, 34—recently celebrated the birth of their son, Milo. A photo of the couple holding their new baby has taken BuzzFeed and Facebook by storm and landed them in the local dailies. “I think it has been a gift to everyone who sees that photo and knows that it does not matter if it’s a man or a woman or gay couple,” said Nelson. “Anyone would feel utter joy in that moment.”

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