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Extra, Extra: Ford Fest Robocalls, Anti-Streetcar Arguments, and Disappearing Bookstores

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  • Yesterday, the City issued a permit that will allow Rob Ford to hold the annual Ford Fest barbecue in a public park—because Ford Fest is a special event and not a special campaign event. It is such a special non-campaign event that Rob Ford wants everyone to go and so has been sending out promotional robocalls—and when he says “If I can count on your support, please press 3,” he is presumably referring to support for totally non-campaigny, family-friendly, apolitical, and not-in-any-way-election-oriented barbecues.
  • Metro‘s Matt Elliott argues that anyone who wants to rid Toronto streets of streetcars would have to prove that “replacing streetcars with buses would result in faster transit service, and that the removal of streetcars would benefit other road users.” He then goes on to use data and other fact-based tools to explain why streetcar haters have been able to prove no such thing.
  • Book- and bookstore-related maps are all too often upbeat things, full of icons representing books you might want to read or bookstores you might want to visit. Thank goodness, then, for this map, which charts the six Toronto bookstores that will have closed within six months—and does so by way of little cartoon books topped by skulls. And if that’s not suitably disheartening, consider an accompanying quote from National Post books editor Mark Medley: “The city of Toronto may only be able to support three or four bookstores, but hopefully they’ll be three or four good bookstores.”

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