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Extra, Extra: Doug Ford Makes Accusations, a Handy Debate List, and David Miller in 2003

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  • In the wake of a Globe and Mail investigation that suggests the Ford brothers helped a client of their family business, Deco Labels and Tags, lobby the City for work, Doug is accusing the paper of having “stolen information” and announcing that “if there’s false accusations against our company, they will be held accountable”—and the mayor is making intriguing comments about morality in the public sphere, the line between the personal and the political, and the real bottom line: “Our business is our business. I don’t ask you how much money you’ve got in the bank. If I have to declare a conflict with every single company or every single person, then I shouldn’t be in politics for 14 years or neither should my dad or anyone else in our family. And that’s the bottom line.”
  • What better way to celebrate the middle-to-end of summer and the beginning of fall than with dozens of mayoral debates? If you’re looking to attend as many as possible, it’ll be handy to have a list of scheduled debates involving two or more candidates. Here is a list of scheduled debates involving two or more candidates.
  • When you’re busy attending dozens of mayoral debates and assessing the two or more candidates present, it can be difficult to remember that there have been other races and other campaigns. So if you have a minute to spare between thinking about John Tory’s SmartTrack proposal and the gloriously meme-ified David Soknacki’s respect for basic math, you might want to watch this NFB documentary, available free online, that follows former mayor David Miller during the 2003 municipal election campaign, when he was still only soon-to-be-mayor David Miller—and “meme” was still likely being used only by Richard Dawkins and a number of people who read and enjoyed Richard Dawkins, rather than by everyone looking at cats and David Soknacki on the internet.

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