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Duly Quoted: Andy Byford Welcomes Permanent Gas Tax Funding for TTC

TTC CEO hails "stable, permanent source of funding," while Rob Ford avoids streetcar photo op.

“I think it’s hugely significant. I mean, since the day I got here, I said we must have stabilized, predictable funding—and we need more funding to cope with expansion and to maintain our system in a state of good repair. So to have this announcement that not only makes the gas tax permanent, but also indexes it so that we can be certain of income that’s going to come our way to buy new vehicles—that is a massive step forward, and I really welcome it.”

-TTC CEO Andy Byford, speaking to reporters after federal finance minister Joe Oliver’s announcement that the federal gas tax fund will become a stable, permanent source of funding for infrastructure projects in Ontario municipalities—which this year, will receive a combined $8.12 billion. Byford indicated that he’s not yet sure how much the TTC will be receiving—the specifics will now be worked out with the City—but he stressed that “it does mean stabilized, predictable funding that we can now actively invest in more vehicles.”

Mayor Rob Ford, who was also present, and called the news “absolutely fantastic,” managed not to refer to the new streetcars while standing very close to them, and then bowed out of a “here we are standing proudly in front of a beautiful new streetcar” photo op involving his fellow politicians.


  • Chris

    I see the daily gong show of Rob Ford’s life continues…..
    So this is what he’s been reduced to now – running away from even the most basic aspects of his job lest he be associated with anything that could be considered even mildly progressive. God fordbid the mayor allow himself to formally acknowledge the work of City staff on helping put on an event that brought international attention and millions of dollars to the City (but but “the gays!!!”) or be photographed near a streetcar – acknowledging any form of transit beyond subways? Horrors!
    Clearly he feels he had no choice, lest he lose what’s left of Ford Nation. I mean, they’ll accept that he’s a lazy, dishonest, corrupt, racist. homophobic crackhead, and dismiss all of that by blaming his “disease” but my gosh, taking a photo in front of a streetcar? Applauding city staff for their work on a “gay” event? That would be too much for them.
    Why is he even still bothering at this point? Doesn’t he see that Council and the City generally is just moving on without him? But then self-delusion appears to be a dominant gene in that family…..

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      “Why is he even still bothering at this point? ”

      Because Mommy and Dougie say he should. Also, Ford’s ego won’t let him quit or drop out of the race. Ford is a narcissist( like many addicts) and he probably truly believes he is the best Mayor this city has ever had and has saved the “taxpayers” billions. He did all that while getting high and pounding back mickeys of vodka — this is why he won’t quit drinking etc, because why should he? He did a great job smashed and he’ll continue to do a great job while getting smashed. The whole family seems to live in a world of fantasy — they think they are born leaders — Etobicoke’s Kennedys and Rob just has to lose a bit of weight and run a good campaign and viola! Ford more years. Each day will bring another little vignette of stupidity in Ford’s ongoing drama whether a protester screaming at him on the street or one of his addict pals coming forward with a story like this one:

      Suffice it to say, this city is tired of the Ford Circus and right thinking people can’t understand what drives himor why those 20% of the voters cling to him like mad when his flaws are so obvious, when clearly there’s no way Ford could ever accomplish anything at city hall again. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that he’s convincingly crushed in October so that there’s no way for him to claim he was a victim of a conspiracy. Nonetheless, I expect the stink of Ford will linger in this city for a long time to come and we’ll continue to hear about him and his awful family as they continue to try and stay in the spotlight.

  • Notcleverguy

    Will Doug accuse Rob of being racist against streetcars?

  • wklis

    The federal excise tax is fixed at 10¢ a litre for gasoline (since 1995) & 4¢ a litre for diesel (since 1987). The Ontario fuel tax is fixed at 14.3¢ a litre, since 1992. There has been NO adjustments for inflation.

    • Mike Barnett

      So 1.40 isn’t enough for a litre of gas? I think you are the one smoking crack

      • dsmithhfx

        That’s largely down to blowback from US meddling in the middle east, and price-gouging by oil companies.

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    Can we separate transit planning from vote buying next?

    • andrew97

      That’s kind of how public services work, though.

      • Paul Kishimoto

        Defeatism! Counterexamples abound.

  • Still_Waters3

    Look! A photo op that Robbie didn’t want. He must REALLY hate streetcars. Silly man.

  • rusty6969

    If Ford loses, I can’t wait to see what side show comes in next, T.O WILL be the biggest joke out there, I mean Ont is doomed and now sit back and watch the destruction of T.O

    • dsmithhfx

      He loses.

      • rusty6969

        You ALL lose

        • dsmithhfx

          Nope. Just him and his idiot ‘nation’.

          • wannabeayank

            the jerk is the lower end of bozo nation

        • Notcleverguy

          Looks like rusty doesn’t know what the word. “lose” means.

          Not knowing the definition of words, a Doug Ford legacy passed down to nayshuners.

    • OgtheDim

      There’s this guy by the name of John Tory. You might have heard of him. Led the PCPO in that bit between Harris and Hudak.

      Yeah, I know, he doesn’t fit your narrative, so why bother trying to do some actual political analysis when you can just type doomed and destruction and feel better about yourself.

      • dsmithhfx

        Not to mention, the article is actually about Federal funding for [generic] “infrastructure projects” — it remains to be seen how big a slice transit will be getting as opposed to, say, shoring up the Gardiner for another 5-10 years of road salt -induced entropy.

        Or what “infrastructure projects” the transit slice will actually be spent on. Buried stubways to nowhere, that won’t inconvenience suburban drivers (Tory has come out in favor of), or stuff that will actually benefit transit users in this city?

    • wannabeayank

      get your head out of your ass blind bozo nashun clown
      which part of dumbo nation are you part of brainiac,
      unemployed, welfare, uneducated low wage earner, etc.
      Wondering if there is any news yet on the subways promised by el lardo back in 2010. Go away loser.