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Toronto’s New Condom

Toronto Public Health wants you to pick one up and put it on.

Toronto condom

To build a sense of pleasurable anticipation, Toronto Public Health unveiled its new condom wrapper design this morning in a series of six separate tweets: “We’re rolling out #condomTO bit by bit,” it explained. “Why? Because it’s more fun that way!”

Those of you who’d been hoping for something tasteful, restrained, and free from double entendres—an image of the CN Tower and the Rogers Centre, say—will no doubt be pleased, as what we have here is simply a colourful graphic featuring some pleasant and innocuous local street signs attached to a large pole.

TPH is following the lead of other municipalities, which have also introduced city-branded condoms—it appears that free and accessible condoms make for increased condom use. Toronto’s new limited-edition branded condom will be made available free of charge at certain bars, clubs, hotels, gyms, and clinics starting next week.