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Toronto’s New Condom

Toronto Public Health wants you to pick one up and put it on.

Toronto condom

To build a sense of pleasurable anticipation, Toronto Public Health unveiled its new condom wrapper design this morning in a series of six separate tweets: “We’re rolling out #condomTO bit by bit,” it explained. “Why? Because it’s more fun that way!”

Those of you who’d been hoping for something tasteful, restrained, and free from double entendres—an image of the CN Tower and the Rogers Centre, say—will no doubt be pleased, as what we have here is simply a colourful graphic featuring some pleasant and innocuous local street signs attached to a large pole.

TPH is following the lead of other municipalities, which have also introduced city-branded condoms—it appears that free and accessible condoms make for increased condom use. Toronto’s new limited-edition branded condom will be made available free of charge at certain bars, clubs, hotels, gyms, and clinics starting next week.


  • OgtheDim

    That poor Mennonite guy from 220 years ago….everybody makes fun of his name.

  • Victoria

    Wow, that’s really tacky. Cummer is in my neighbourhood and I have to say when I think of it I think of the big nursing home, my regular grocery store and a church that is really involved in the community. To me it’s community so I’m not crazy about the joke.

    • OgtheDim

      I doubt anybody at TBofHealth is making fun of the community (which I live in BTW). Most people identify the area as Willowdale, not by the street.

      It could be argued that the Toronto Board of Health is making fun of an ethnic group by making light of that name. That ethnic group being Swiss German Mennonites from 220 years ago. Of course, him being a long ago dead white dude, and most Mennonites not really caring about how names were pronounced, or having a presence as an ethnicity in this city, its probably not an issue.

      But this is making fun of an ethnic name, which is kinda weird for an organization (the city) that prides itself on not doing things like that.

      Lots of people laugh at the name, for sure, but….its kinda the equivalent of the city using the name “Lipschitz” when talking about washing your hands.

      • Lawrence Cummer

        Could be that Jacob Cummer’s descendents are already quite used to it. He didn’t have to go to high school. ;-)
        And it’s pronounced the way it reads.

        • OgtheDim

          My condolences.
          I believe it was likely originally pronounced
          Koomer, based on Plattdeutsch pronunciation. IIRC, Cummer wasn’t Tunker by background, unlike a good chunk of the original loyalist era farmers in Markham.

          There’s probably a paper at Conrad Grebel in Waterloo that would confirm this.

          I’m not all that worked up about it, as we really do need to get more people using condoms. And if using a funny sounding old dude’s name is what it takes, so be it

          Just strikes me as odd in an organisation that is pc to a fault.

          • Lawrence Cummer

            Oh. No condolences necessary. I just thought it would be fun to pipe in. Add a bit of real-world modern context.
            I’m torn. It is funny, and even I’ve owned the joke from time to time myself in my 41 years. I’m mostly only put off when—due to political correctness—I’ve been barred from using my own name by websites, video games or other computer-based algorithms.
            I’m not at all upset, that was my main point. Also, I think you’re right, it was, in fact, originally Kummer. Truth: It probably made me laugh more than someone not named Cummer.

          • Lawrence Cummer

            Apparently they were originally Lutherans but became Methodist.

          • OgtheDim

            I stand corrected…thanks. I’ve read a couple of things where people called him Mennonite. Good to know.

            Learn something new everyday. Cool.

          • Lawrence Cummer

            I didn’t intend to correct anyone. I knew who you were talking about. I originally thought they were Quakers, but certainly puritans of some sort. I did a little digging into the literature today because your comment about being Tunker or not made me curious. (And I’m very curious, and a little proud of our origins in pre-Toronto.)
            I wasn’t raised with any knowledge of the Cummer history, or information passed down over the two centuries. In fact, it was during high school (20+ years ago) that I first learned the connection between the street, my name and my great-great-great-great-great-great-great grand-daddy. I, in fact, was the one who taught my own grand-father about his family.
            Something worth considering, we’re making a tongue-in-cheek fuss about the Cummer name/street, but Coxwell is a surname too.

    • torontothegreat

      You must be a real hit at all the parties in Willowdale!

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    Too bad Long Branch isn’t a street.

    • VictorianShuter

      …but there is a Longwood Drive in York Mills.

    • rich1299

      Its is! Long Branch Ave. runs south from Lake Shore between 33rd and 35th sts.

  • VictorianShuter

    However, condoms are optional on Bater Avenue (an actual street in East York.)