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Scene: Pop-Up Cat Café

Adorable, adoptable café cats and photos of those cats. Enough said.

WHERE: 73 Harbord Street

WHEN: Sunday, June 8, noon

WHAT: A pop-up cat café brought to you by the people behind Pet Me Meow. The event ran only from June 6 to June 8, but if you missed it and blame yourself very much for having missed it, you’ll have the opportunity to “play games, listen to music, enjoy a latte, and most importantly, play with cats” in public again soon, because entrepreneurs Ashkan Rahimi and Jeff Ro plan to open their permanent and “epic” cat café by fall 2014.

If, while playing games, listening to music, and enjoying a latte, you discover you never want to part from your new cat friend ever again, you’ll be able to make it a permanent part of your life by taking it home: Pet Me Meow’s felines are available for adoption through Toronto Cat Rescue. And we have it on good authority that as of noon yesterday, six of the 10 cats participating in the pop-up event had already been spoken for.


  • Notcleverguy

    Promoting adoption of said cats is a great idea. I hope this is a success.

  • Janice Cho-Chu

    In the words of Agnes from Despicable Me: “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!”

  • OgtheDim

    What’s nice about cat pics and cat videos and cat cafes is what is also nice about babies.

    They are so cute……


    You can hand them back when they

    a) need to use the litter box
    b) want to scratch the furniture
    c) want out/in somewhere
    d) eat your plants
    e) need somebody to pay the vet/food/toy/litter bill

    I like our two cats, and am glad they are in our home and could go on for paragraphs about what they do etc etc. etc.

    but it is work and money and an adjustment not unlike having a kid.

    My one concern about the cafe approach to cat adoption is whether people are reminded of the work and effort involved. Every time I go into a Pet Smart and get a “oh they are so cute fix”, at least one of the cats has come back from adoption. It is sad, in a way, but hopefully all the cats find a good home, with all that entails.

    • andrew97

      I agree with your broad point. But as someone with both cats and kids, having a cat is nothing at all like having a kid.

  • vampchick21


  • KT Genn

    Isn’t it awfully irresponsible to traumatize the cats like this? They are not props…they need time to get adjusted to their surroundings, not dumped in a storefront for a couple of days to promote your cafe.

    • PlantinMoretus

      They are not *traumatized*, more just sort of annoyed and a bit scared at first. Then they eat, sleep, and get scritches, so it’s fine.

    • torontothegreat

      Pssst… There’s a forest through these trees…